“Bessie Mae” by Jonathan Green…

Image: GalleryChuma.com

I would like to introduce you to BESSIE MAE. She is a strong presence in our house – and, may I say, how can she not be? We bought Bessie Mae during Spoleto (art festival) many years ago, she was created by artist Jonathan Green. He is a wonderful artist depicting the southern experience in the most interesting detail. If you aren’t familiar with his work, check it out, it’s facinating! Jonathan moved back to the lowcountry several years ago and resides on Daniel Island. Check out his website with his gallery information (click HERE) as well as Gallery Chuma’s website (click HERE)…

We like to collect original work. Bessie is an exception. Bessie is an original lithograph. The process that Jonathan uses is impressive, click HERE to learn more about it!
Catch you back here tomorrow! If you get a chance check out my photo blog at http://almostdailypic.wordpress.com !

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