Times Square Digital Gallery!

Times Square always has the coolest things going on… like New Year’s Eve where you could write your wish for the new year on the confetti that fell from the sky. Awesome! You’ve got to read more on this, and if you’ll be in NYC click the link below to see the schedule of who’s playing! Click HERE for more info… check out their site, it’s amazing!

Here’s a blip from Times Square Official Website:

Times Square Moment: A Digital Gallery

This new program is presented by the  Times Square Advertising Coalition (TSAC)Times Square Arts, the public art program for theTimes Square Alliance.  The initiatve is a collaboration of the Coalition and the Alliance, with additional partners of participating signholders and artists.

Each month, the program will present  a new selection to be screened every day in a countdown to Midnight.  Creativity always has been at the forefront of the Times Square signs and their presence is now so integral to the identity of this iconic public space, that they are required within zoning regulations.  This level of signholder’s commitment to synchronize their daily programs to feature the artist work throughout the year is unparalled.  Every night in Times Square will feature a spectacular.

The preview during the month of April 2012 showcases Ori Gersht, a London based artist from Tel Aviv and an edited version of his 2006 filmBig Bang 01.

May 1, 2012 represents the official launch featuring the Robert WiIson Video Portraits. The series of work from this renowned American artist are HD video that blur time-based cinematography with the decisive moment of still photography.  For a few minutes, Times Square will feature a different potrait gallery of actors, artists, dancers, writers, athletes and animals.

Click Now Playing for the current program.

Click Proposals for the submission process.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Image: TimesSquareNYC.org


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