Cheers in San Francisco at The Grove Fillmore!


Me at a cafe on Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA – 2005!

Yes, for those of you who think I just don’t age… this photo is from 2005, ha ha… that’s my no aging secret, use old photos, works better than Botox! We had such a good time at this place. This was at a cool place called THE GROVE FILLMORE in San Francisco. I remember they had huge cups of coffee (as you can see), they had wonderful pies… ooooh, fabulous organic fruit fillings that made it worth the trip each time! They also had a macaroni and cheese that was to die for! Look at their MENU!


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I was telling this older couple we had met along the way, about this place, and she told me “Honey, we used to live to eat, now we eat to live”. How sad I thought at the time. But we do the same thing with occasional splurges. I mean you are what you eat, right? That’s why I eat lots of shrimp. Hee.

Have a great weekend! Catch you back here tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “Cheers in San Francisco at The Grove Fillmore!

    1. Hee hee… my secret, shhhh, don’t tell anyone 😉
      We haven’t been to San Fran in years, we had such a great time while each year we were there! Forbes Island?! Need to check that out one day! Thanks for the comments, love your name, hee…


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