Head on down to the Ferry Building!

Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA

I took this photo years ago at the Ferry Building in San Francisco, CA. Have you been there? If you’re in San Fran, I highly suggest it. It’s a feast for your eyes! I’m not kidding, so many wonderful things, fresh food, drink, you name it! Here is a list of VENDORS. I’m not sure if the flower place is still there or not, it was magical! I could picture us living there, going to the Ferry Building each weekend for fresh flowers and produce… well, except for the $$PRICE$$ of living in San Francisco… oh well, I’m happy with my life here in Charleston, and the fact that Trader Joe’s, EarthFare and Whole Foods are close by!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Head on down to the Ferry Building!

  1. You are absolutely correct; the flowers are definitely magical and so is San Francisco! We recently arrived in Mt. Pleasant and can’t wait to try some of the restaurants you reviewed. Bon Appetit!


  2. Jerry Stocks

    Meet a lady on Thursday who has moved to Beaufort from San Francisco because she says she can no longer afford to live there. She also had never been to Beaufort before she made her decision to move here. So yes, you need to stay in this fascinating Lowcountry.


  3. Hey Jerry! You’re so right, ha ha… I just read a great post by this neat kid who moved from the east coast to San Fran, his article “25 things i wish i knew before moving to san fran” is a great read! He gives examples of how much RENT has gone up in a year! It boggles the mind how ANYONE can afford to live there… and eat! Whew! Thanks for commenting!


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