The Bud Stop… San Francisco… GORGEOUS flowers!


Aren’t these flowers just gorgeous? This photo was taken years ago while Fred and I were in San Francisco, CA. This is THE BUD STOP… wildly beautiful flowers! They’re located on Union Street right near Fillmore… Speaking of Fillmore Street… best place that we ate lunch… THE GROVE FILLMORE, I had done a previous post on this place, but it’s worth mentioning again!

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O N E   Y E A R   A G O…  Majestic Crape Myrtle’s in Charleston, SC

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O… Foods that should never cross your lips – Part II

Now this would make one heck of a rooftop painting!


San Francisco, CA… gotta love it!

This would make one heck of a challenging rooftop painting wouldn’t it? Whew, not sure I would want to give it a whirl, but I would enjoy seeing the progression of an artist painting a similar scene. It facinates me how there really is no right or wrong way to paint. I see people break the “rules” all the time and they’re awesome artists… what works for one doesn’t always work for another… I like knowing I have options, ha ha…

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O N E   Y E A R   A G O…  Featured Artist… Romel de la Torre!

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O…  What to do with your garden’s bounty? VEGGIE PASTA! Dinner this evening!

Featured Artist… Jeremy Mann!

JeremyMann TheWhiteVanity PrincipleGlry

The White Vanity by Jeremy Mann – Image: Principle Gallery

How amazing is this? The intricacy of this girls top is amazing. Her reflection in the mirror… spectacular! The rough looseness of the wall, vanity and mirror – out of this world! Jeremy isn’t fooling around, this dude can paint!

JeremyMann AfterTheStorm PrincipleGlry

After the Storm by Jeremy Mann – Image: Principle Gallery

I think it’s so cool when artists are diverse. Jeremy lives in San Francisco and paints many downtown scenes that are out of this world. If you haven’t yet discovered Jeremy, check out his work, it’s pretty darn amazing!

Read a blip about Jeremy from his website:

Jeremy Mann – Biography
Jeremy Mann(b. 1979) graduated from Ohio University with a Cum Laude degree in Fine Art-Painting. Afterward, he ventured out to California where he earned his Master’s Degree with Valedictorian honors at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Since then, Mann has garnered substantial attention in the art world. Praised by critics and collectors alike, his work recently graced the cover of American Art Collector magazine.Executed on medium to large-scale panels, each exciting work demonstrates the artist’s unmistakable style. Working on wood panels provides a strong support, where Mann can utilize a number of techniques: staining the surface, wiping away paint with solvents, and applying broad, gritty marks with an ink brayer. Mann paints with confidence and flair. He addresses complex compositions with a mature eye and his colors are both vivid and atmospheric.

Living in downtown San Francisco, Mann paints his immediate surroundings with intimate, dynamic expression. A number of unique compositions are inspired from the city’s pavement, where reflected street lamps and neon signs glitter in the rain. In each work, Mann imbues the city with drama, mood, and personality..

Ever ambitious, Mann covers a wide range of subjects beyond cityscapes: interior scenes of lone, young women as striking and restless as the city itself; a bold and intriguing self-portrait, masterful still life paintings, and pastoral scenes that recall the landscape of his hometown.

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Head on down to the Ferry Building!

Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA

I took this photo years ago at the Ferry Building in San Francisco, CA. Have you been there? If you’re in San Fran, I highly suggest it. It’s a feast for your eyes! I’m not kidding, so many wonderful things, fresh food, drink, you name it! Here is a list of VENDORS. I’m not sure if the flower place is still there or not, it was magical! I could picture us living there, going to the Ferry Building each weekend for fresh flowers and produce… well, except for the $$PRICE$$ of living in San Francisco… oh well, I’m happy with my life here in Charleston, and the fact that Trader Joe’s, EarthFare and Whole Foods are close by!

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Cheers in San Francisco at The Grove Fillmore!


Me at a cafe on Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA – 2005!

Yes, for those of you who think I just don’t age… this photo is from 2005, ha ha… that’s my no aging secret, use old photos, works better than Botox! We had such a good time at this place. This was at a cool place called THE GROVE FILLMORE in San Francisco. I remember they had huge cups of coffee (as you can see), they had wonderful pies… ooooh, fabulous organic fruit fillings that made it worth the trip each time! They also had a macaroni and cheese that was to die for! Look at their MENU!


Image via

I was telling this older couple we had met along the way, about this place, and she told me “Honey, we used to live to eat, now we eat to live”. How sad I thought at the time. But we do the same thing with occasional splurges. I mean you are what you eat, right? That’s why I eat lots of shrimp. Hee.

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PHOTO: Hanging out on a streetcar in San Fran… good times!

This is my weekend “wish I was there” photo… Fred and I had so much fun in San Fran… went for years, then thought we should try somewhere on the east coast and never made it back… need to get back there to “our” little boutique hotel that was so cool (and had wine and cheese and night, and before bed, hot cookies and milk… oh heavens!) it’s called the INN AT UNION SQUARE and it’s one awesome place! If you make plans to go to San Fran, check it out!!

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Artist to watch… Daniel Merriam!

"On the Go" by Daniel Merriam / Image:

When I first saw Daniel Merriam’s work, I thought it was amazing. Very different. Each one like it’s own fairytale. As I looked at his pieces I thought to myself… “I could write a story for each and every painting he has”. Then I read his bio. His paintings have been used for books, and rightfully so. They are absolutely amazing! Daniel has an amazing website (click HERE) so check it out, the story about him is fabulous!

Here’s a blip about Daniel from Chloe Fine Arts Gallery, where he shows his work:

Born in 1963 in York, Maine, Daniel Merriam grew up in Naples, a rural town within the vast, quiet spaces of Central Maine. One of seven children in a creative, artistic family, he taught himself to paint at a very young age and used his art as a method of reflective play throughout his childhood. He studied mechanical and architectural design at the Central Maine Vocational Technical Institute. While still in school, he applied his dimensional skills and passion for architecture in the family’s design and construction business.

He then turned his talents to the commercial art field, working as an architectural and commercial illustrator for a number of multi-national corporations. Merriam’s illustrations received numerous awards including several first-place Broderson Awards (the annual Maine advertising industry award) and the first-place New England Scholastics Press Association Award (for editorial cartooning.)

Yet Merriam’s true passion remained painting the expression of his own vision. In 1987 he shifted his focus solely to fine art and had his first solo exhibition at Abacus Gallery in Maine. In the same year, the artist received an Honorary Masters of Humane Letters from the University of New England in recognition of the potential social contribution of his work. Since that time, Merriam has had over one hundred exhibitions throughout the United States, Europe and the Middle East.

In 1998, Monarch Editions, Inc. published The Art of Daniel Merriam: The Impetus of Dreams – selections from a decade of the artist’s work. The book’s second edition was published in 2002. Merriam’s most recent catalogue reisonné The Eye of a Dreamer was released in October 2007. Both catalogues reisonné were inducted into the permanent archives of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the National Museum of American Illustration, and the Peninsular Museum of Art.

The artist’s work appears in Dreamscape: The Best of Imaginary Realism, Volume I and II, published by SALBRU PUBLISH (the Netherlands) in 2006 and 2007 respectively. Merriam has produced paintings for the covers of books by Paula Volsky and Neal Barrett Jr. published by Bantam Books, as well as for an international literary journal, Mid-American Review. Merriam’s work was used for the playbill of A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare produced by the Tony® Award-winning McCarter Theatre in New Jersey.

Daniel Merriam has been interviewed on WCSH (Portland, ME); KEYT (Santa Barbara, CA); KUSI News (San Diego, CA); Sedona Now (Sedona, AZ); 7days News (Dubai, UAE); France 3 Quercy-Rouergue (Rodez, France). He has been the subject of feature articles in numerous national and international publications, such as Art & Antiques, Gulf Connoisseur, IN New York, New Art International, Realms of Fantasy, The World & I, U.S. Art, Watercolor Magic. Merriam’s work is included in the public collections of The Riverside Museum of Art, CA; Merrill Lynch, CA; The Gesundheit! Institute, VA; the Manhattan Club, NY, among others.

Great work Daniel! What an imagination… love it!

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Cable car, San Francisco, CA = BIG fun!

Cable car, San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, California – what a place… the atmosphere is amazing. A city FULL of life. So much to do and see. The easiest way to get around is to use their public transportation, it simply can’t be beat. AND it’s a thrill in itself! SO interesting how it works so well in San Fran, wish they had it everywhere, dependable and safe. This was taken years ago… they manually turn it around!

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Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA

Ahhh, San Francisco, CA. A place you can see so much, do so much and totally wear yourself out! This photo was taken in October, 2005 -on the ferry back from Sausalito… after a big day touring Muir Woods. We went on one of those tours (that I was completely against but am so glad we went on) that takes you to Muir Woods and Sausalito. We only had an hour in Sausalito… but it is such a neat place, so we stayed and instead of the tour bus we took the ferry back to San Fran. We had a great time, snapped a few pics on the ferry ride “home”. There is SO MUCH to do in San Fran, and with such great public transportation it’s quick and easy to get around. If you’re headed that way on vacation I highly recommend the CITY PASS… you get free admission to many venues as well as flashing your pass to hop on most all public transportation. It was the perfect way to get around!

Catch you back here tomorrow… boy, could I ever go for breakfast at MAMA’S on Washington Square, owieee what a treat! Haven’t been there in years, but I do remember an omelet called THE CALIFORNIAN, crispy bacon, avocado and jack cheese…. lawd have mercy!

Harvest Festival at the Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA Oct. 22-23, 2011!

Harvest Festival at the Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA

Hey, if you happen to be in the area of San Francisco I certainly wouldn’t miss the HARVEST FESTIVAL going on this weekend (Saturday, October 22 and Sunday, October 23, 2011) at the Ferry Building! It sounds like it’s going to be a great time. Here’s a little info from their website (I urge you to visit it!). Here is a blip from their website, a wee bit of the history, much more on their WEBSITE:


The Ferry Building Marketplace is a people’s marketplace serving residents and travelers alike. Located within the historic Ferry Building at the foot of Market Street, shops large and small celebrate food in all its forms, offering everything from artisan cheeses to the freshest of local fish. Restaurants and cafés serve cuisine representing the quality and cultural diversity of San Francisco’s

The Ferry Building Marketplace is located along the Embarcadero at the foot of Market Street. It is the center of a transit hub that connects all of San Francisco’s neighborhoods and the surrounding bay communities. The marketplace is accessible by MUNI, BART and Ferry Boat. The historic trolley cars (Line F Market) stop directly in front of the Ferry Building. For more information about how to get here,visit the parking and transportation page or read our FAQs.

Enjoy!! Catch you back here tomorrow!


Artist to watch… KEN AUSTER!


This weeks artist to watch… KEN AUSTER. Extremely talented… He has a wonderful website, check it out, (click HERE). This painting is entitled “GOT WATER?” – I love the names of his paintings! This is so simple yet so elegant. SIMPLY amazing for sure. This painting is at the New Masters Gallery located in Carmel, CA. I know last time we were in San Francisco we stopped at the Thomas Reynolds Gallery hoping to see his work, but when we arrived they were closed for lunch, so it didn’t work out that year, maybe next time we visit! If you get a chance, check out Ken’s work. I think you will be equally impressed.

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Art quote weekend… Mark Rothko

Image via

I’m not an abstractionist. I’m not interested in the relationship of color or form or anything else. I’m interested only in expressing basic human emotions: tragedy, ecstasy, doom, and so on.

–         Mark Rothko

Quote via

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