Bowens Island Restaurant MENU as of May 2014

IMG_0792 IMG_0793

The restaurant was packed and I couldn’t find my way to a menu (well, at least not where I would have enough room to set it down to photograph), so I settled for the sign… It gives you all the information you need!

See yesterdays post to see what the fried shrimp looks like… oooooh, too good!!

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F L A S H B A C K !

O n e  Y e a r  A g o:            What kind of footprints are these?

T w o  Y e a r s  A g o:         Artist: William Wray!

T h r e e  Y e a r s  A g o:    Artist: Keith Oehmig!

[ r e s t a u r a u n t ] E V O P I Z Z A !

I wish I could give credit to whoever snapped this photo, pretty darn cool, huh! EVO Pizzeria Facebook
I wish I could give credit to whoever snapped this photo, pretty darn cool, huh?    EVO Pizzeria Facebook

WHAT A COOL PLACE! If you haven’t been to EVO Pizza (Extra Virgin Oven), you must go! I cannot wait to go back! We went with some friends and had the absolute best pizza and salad ever! Everything was top notch… The Farmer’s salad was so fresh, the roasted corn was delightful and the dressing was out of this world… We split the Margherita pizza and I have to say it’s the best we’ve ever had. Does TO DIE FOR explain how wonderful? I was so excited when the food came that I forgot to take a photo… that’s too sad, but it’s also a good reason to go back! Even the tea was remarkably good…  No bitter taste, just pure delight!

We also went to the EVO bakery located behind the restaurant… the best looking breads you’ve ever seen! We bought a loaf of bread and a few chocolate chip cookies that were the best… just like the kind you make without all the mess! That night I made a pot of soup and had a slice of bread… heavenly!! Not expensive… better than any store bought bread could ever be!

Here is a little blip about the restaurant from their website:

About Extra Virgin Oven, LLC:

In 2005, Ricky Hacker and Matt McIntosh wheeled a cart into the Charleston Farmer’s Market, built a fire, assembled an array of ingredients: handmade dough, homemade sauce, hand-pulled mozzarella and the freshest local produce. The result seemed simple enough: Extra Virgin Oven: fresh, honest, uncomplicated Neapolitan pizza. The line in front of the pizza cart grew longer…and longer. What was happening was delicious – and different.

EVO began as a family business in 2005 baking pizzas on a mobile wood-fired oven for farmers’ markets and catering.  In 2007, we opened our restaurant in lovely Park Circle to further pursue our passion with fresh, local, house-made, uncomplicated food.  We’ve been passionate about supporting local farmers and visiting farms since 2005 and continue to work closely with our local producers.

In addition to pizza, Extra Virgin Oven serves an array of homemade soups, salads, cured meats and paninis on artisan breads, fresh from our wood-fired oven. Artisan beers and distinctive wines are the perfect complement to our honest food.

We make our own quality ingredients in house with the freshest local produce and meat available. We prepare and pull our own mozzarella twice daily, as well as make our pizza dough twice a day; we bake our own breads in our wood-fired oven; we slowly cook our sauces and soups daily; we make our house-made sweet sausage daily; our aioli is hand-made each day; our dressings our house-made, not from a jar.  We believe it’s our job to let the essence of each ingredient speak for itself and know you will taste the difference.

Wow… after reading that you see that their food is REAL… it’s homemade and I swear you can tell the difference! EVO is located in the Park Circle area of North Charleston, SC, a very cool spot! – Check out their MENU!

There has been a lot of great press about this restaurant! I’m telling you, if you haven’t been… I would high tail it over there!!

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O N E   Y E A R   A G O…      Christopher Columbus… 1492!

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O…  Homes on the East Bluff, Mackinac Island, MI

YoBo Cantina Fresca – a delightful healthy Mexican restaurant – Charleston, SC

yobo image fb

Recently a great little Mexican restaurant opened up in South Windermere shopping center… it’s a short walk away, which is the ultimate in convenience! If you haven’t ventured to YoBo Cantina Fresca yet, peruse their menu, then head on over!

The interior is very cool too… dress however you like…

yobo interior

They’re a friendly group over there… we’ve tried several items on the menu. My favorite at the moment are the chicken tacos… Next I’m trying the fish tacos… also want to try the salad… great salsa’s that are really different, and oh so fresh!

Yobo uses fresh ingredients! {Image}
Yobo uses fresh ingredients!

Don’t miss their specials… Monday night all tacos are $2.50 starting at 4PM…

Wednesday is 1/2 priced bottle of wine night…

Catch you back here tomorrow!

All images from YoBo Cantina Fresca website or facebook page!

Interior image: Image: Bette Walker Photography – Image from YoBo Cantina Fresca’s Facebook page

Bowens Island Seafood Restaurant Menu – April 2013

MENU as of April 2013

Well, I snapped three photos with my phone and for some reason I only got half the menu… Luckily I also snapped a photo of the hanging menu… This is the latest menu, as of April 2013. A group of us headed to Bowens Island awaiting a delicious fried shrimp dinner and that’s exactly what we got. Too. Good. To. Be. True. If you are in Charleston, Bowens Island is a must see… bring your camera if its around sunset. You won’t believe how beautiful it is! Not a dressy place, but the best tasting shrimp on the planet!

*Please note: the restaurant is CLOSED ON SUNDAY and MONDAY! Hours are 5-10PM Tuesday – Saturday!

Fabulous Fried Shrimp!

Oh have I ever gotten myself hungry… sigh!

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Poe’s Tavern – Sullivan’s Island, SC!

Poe's Tavern!

Sullivan’s Island, SC. One of the most beautiful places on earth. It has that “back in time” feeling. I would like to retire and live there (wouldn’t everyone)… beautiful homes, cool businesses, and of course, the ocean! Tucked in the small area of “town” is this wonderful restaurant that’s been around for about ten years now… it’s called POE’S TAVERN. Everything on the menu has an Edgar Allen Poe name to it, it’s so creative. The t-shirts are cool too, so if you make it there, check them out! Fabulous burgers and pretty much everything else! It’s fun to eat outside or in. It’s a happening place!

I know what you’re thinking… WHERE’S THE MENU?? Right HERE my friends… check it out!

Read a bit about Poe’s from their website:

Named in honor of Edgar Allan Poe, we’re best known for great burgers and drinks.

Much like his work, the life of Edgar Allan Poe was short, tragic and shrouded in mystery. Best known as the author of the popular poem “The Raven”, Poe is credited with creating the detective and horror story genres. After a brief stint at the University of Virginia, Poe enlisted in the army under the pseudonym Edgar Allan Perry and was stationed at Fort Moultrie at the western end of Sullivan’s Island for thirteen months beginning November 18,1827. His time on the island inspired “The Gold Bug”, a story about a mystical beetle that led to buried treasure. He died alone, impoverished and inebriated at the age of 40 amid conflicting accounts of his demise,  yet left an indelible legacy on American literature.

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Charleston Photo: Bowens Island Sophisticate building…

James Island-20111028-00856

Bowens Island Restaurant… Simply the best seafood in a cool, relaxed (as in very relaxed) atmosphere. It’s a good time, every time!

This is one of the outbuildings, the restaurant is upstairs and the all you can eat oysters are downstairs (different building). There is an eclectic assortment of buildings on the premises. All add to the charm and character for sure!

If you’re in the area, be sure to check it out! Need a menu? Here’s a link back to my August post that includes the menu… It may have changed… I need to get back there… all in the name of research, hee hee…

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Cheers in San Francisco at The Grove Fillmore!


Me at a cafe on Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA – 2005!

Yes, for those of you who think I just don’t age… this photo is from 2005, ha ha… that’s my no aging secret, use old photos, works better than Botox! We had such a good time at this place. This was at a cool place called THE GROVE FILLMORE in San Francisco. I remember they had huge cups of coffee (as you can see), they had wonderful pies… ooooh, fabulous organic fruit fillings that made it worth the trip each time! They also had a macaroni and cheese that was to die for! Look at their MENU!


Image via

I was telling this older couple we had met along the way, about this place, and she told me “Honey, we used to live to eat, now we eat to live”. How sad I thought at the time. But we do the same thing with occasional splurges. I mean you are what you eat, right? That’s why I eat lots of shrimp. Hee.

Have a great weekend! Catch you back here tomorrow!

The Flatbread Company, Portland, Maine – Pizza with a view!

Waterfront dining… there’s nothing like it! Especially when the atmosphere is casual, the food is delicious and there is a great view! We had heard wonderful things about the Flatbread Company, so, on a recent stop in Portland, Maine we decided to check it out. Located on Commercial Street, right in the heart of things sits this amazing restaurant. I’m not sure we would have run across it if someone didn’t tell us about it. I am so glad they did! Especially since it’s only a few minutes from the airport. It’s good to have a plan when your plane lands and you’re are ravenous with nowhere in mind to go! Check out their MENU; it’s not typical pizza, it’s different, and absolutely delicious. The salads are so beyond wonderful, very different, very, very good! So wonderful that as soon as it arrived… WE. ATE. IT. Ok, so that’s what normal people do, but I have to TAKE. A. PHOTO. FIRST. Well, you don’t see what we ordered (it was so good, just trust me on that!), but I did take photos inside the place. We got there before they opened (on our way to the airport), so that’s why there aren’t many people yet…

They have a neat website showcasing each of their restaurants… check it out!

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Delicious lunch – Slightly North of Broad (S.N.O.B) – Charleston, SC


Slightly North of Broad is a wonderful restaurant located in Charleston’s Historic District, located on East Bay Street, they are located in a convenient place for both locals and visitors alike. It has a great atmosphere and friendly people working. It can be busy, so be patient. A few weeks ago Fred and I had a delicious lunch at Slightly North of Broad, (also known as S.N.O.B. ha ha, brilliant) – I was there years and years ago. They have something called an EXPRESS LUNCH, (changes daily) which is an entree, soup or house salad and coffee or tea. A $10.95 lunch at a higher end restaurant proves to be quite a deal. However, that day we both saw something else on the menu that grabbed our attention… After much consideration, Fred ordered a Pastrami Sandwich… it wasn’t any old pastrami sandwich, their menu changes daily so I don’t have the specifics, (Google Slightly North of Broad Pastrami, ha ha… no kidding! People love the stuff!), he ordered potato salad as his side. I had a bite, it wasn’t ordinary potato salad, it was very very nice. Now this was no Dr. Oz approved lunch, however, I did the best I could! The restaurant didn’t make a mistake in the photo below, I asked for only 1/2 sandwich, and they kindly obliged.  I love restaurants who realize not everyone likes a large portion. I ordered homemade potato chips with my sandwich- THE BEST EVER! I haven’t had a reuben since I was a kid and it was SO GOOD. I had a big ole smile on my face! (Click HERE for MENU).

I cannot believe we don’t have a photo of dessert!  I think we were so excited we ate it before we thought of it! We had BOSTON CREAM PIE.

Oh heavens. Let me go eat a Quinoa Puff for lunch now… whoopie!

I can’t wait to go back! Catch you back here tomorrow!

Charleston Restaurant Week September 5- 16, 2012!

Charleston Restaurant Week is here! Beginning today (September 5, 2012) through September 16, 2012 find out what all the hoopla is about! This is a time that both visitors and locals look forward to.  A chance to dine at the fabulous restaurants in Charleston while getting a deal at the same time! Those of us who live in Charleston, SC are so fortunate to have the cream of the crop, the top notch, the very, very best restaurants all around us! NOW is your chance to visit them! Charleston Restaurant Association has a great website. The link shows the list of participating restaurants (there are many!), along with their menu and their website. Click HERE to check it out!

Hey, if you go, let me know how you enjoyed it! Do you live here, or did you make vacation plans around restaurant week? I’m telling you now is the time to get out and visit area restaurants. That’s what Fred and I did when he took off for a staycation… it was fabulous. We went to restaurants we don’t normally frequent, and we had the best time! These restaurants have some mouth watering options… and it all starts TODAY! Check out that above link!

Catch you back here tomorrow!