Bowens Island Seafood Restaurant Menu…

New menu available since this post, click this orange link to see the April 2013 menu!  (photo below is the older menu):  BOWENS ISLAND RESTAURANT (NEW)

Menu from OCTOBER 2011 visit:

Bowens Island. Some of you have been there, many may have heard or read about it in magazines and newspapers. Great seafood! It’s not a fancy place, so don’t go expecting it to be… it’s VERY casual. Great seafood and a view that can’t be beat, bring a camera! In one of my PAST posts about Bowen’s Island I included a link to their menu. Not long after that they changed their menu and there was no longer a link… so here is a photo I took of the menu on 10/28/11 – obviously prices and menu items could change, but as of that date, this is the deal. The menu has been pretty much the same as long as I can remember. Their prices are so reasonable I don’t really pay much attention. Good food, good prices… check it out if you get a chance! It’s in Charleston, SC only five minutes from Folly Beach…

Please excuse the poor quality photo… the menu is well used and in plastic, so…. that’s as good as it gets!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

10 thoughts on “Bowens Island Seafood Restaurant Menu…

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  2. Walter Brooker

    Oh I am definately planning a trip just for that , will probably spend a day in charleston then drive down and eat myself silly on seafood, thanks!!!!!!!!!


    1. ENJOY! Bring a camera, it is BEAUTIFUL out there! Best shrimp ever, haven’t tried anything else! It’s famous for a reason… Prices are reasonable too! Thanks for commenting!



    CHEF TODD thoroughly enjoyed the SEAFOOD PLATTER. LOTS of good food!!! I’ve since recommended your restaurant to other vacationers coming to FOLLY BEACH. THANK YOU for the GOOD TIMES!!!



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  5. Allan rice

    Really loved the all you can eat steamed oysters but alas I went back in Dec expecting them and they were not doing all you can eat. The trays are nice but would not fill the need. Love this place though.


    1. Wow! Thanks for the update… Wonder why no “all you can eat”??? Hmmm, I need to get back there, haven’t been in a while… I love that plac around sunset, whoa! Thanks for your comment Allan!


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