Another Bowens Island Sunset…

Bowens Island Sunset
Bowens Island Sunset

Gorgeous, right? I love the pink on the water and the sharp contrast of the dock… this was a gorgeous sunset at Bowens Island (Charleston, SC)…

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O N E   Y E A R   A G O…       Your Vote Counts Today! (2012)

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O…   Hop on and take a ride around the island!

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A Bowens Island Sunset…

Bowens Island - Charleston, SC
Bowens Island – Charleston, SC

Taking a few days off so I’m sharing a photo with you… back to regular posting soon!

A friend was in town and we headed to Bowens Island restaurant… sooo good! Look at this sunset! Out of this world!


O N E   Y E A R   A G O…        Featured Artist… Kirk McBride!

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O…    Daylight Savings Time Ends… (2011)

Bowens Island Seafood Restaurant Menu – April 2013

MENU as of April 2013

Well, I snapped three photos with my phone and for some reason I only got half the menu… Luckily I also snapped a photo of the hanging menu… This is the latest menu, as of April 2013. A group of us headed to Bowens Island awaiting a delicious fried shrimp dinner and that’s exactly what we got. Too. Good. To. Be. True. If you are in Charleston, Bowens Island is a must see… bring your camera if its around sunset. You won’t believe how beautiful it is! Not a dressy place, but the best tasting shrimp on the planet!

*Please note: the restaurant is CLOSED ON SUNDAY and MONDAY! Hours are 5-10PM Tuesday – Saturday!

Fabulous Fried Shrimp!

Oh have I ever gotten myself hungry… sigh!

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Charleston Photo: Bowens Island Sophisticate building…

James Island-20111028-00856

Bowens Island Restaurant… Simply the best seafood in a cool, relaxed (as in very relaxed) atmosphere. It’s a good time, every time!

This is one of the outbuildings, the restaurant is upstairs and the all you can eat oysters are downstairs (different building). There is an eclectic assortment of buildings on the premises. All add to the charm and character for sure!

If you’re in the area, be sure to check it out! Need a menu? Here’s a link back to my August post that includes the menu… It may have changed… I need to get back there… all in the name of research, hee hee…

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Charleston Photo: Artist Ken DeWaard painting at Bowens Island…

Ken DeWaard at Bowens Island 2012

Artist Ken DeWaard was in Charleston, SC last year and made a stop at Bowens Island… great painting that I can tell you he painted effortlessly. He is a joy to watch paint. I urge you to check out his website… and if you’re in one of the locations where he’s giving a workshop GO FOR IT! You will learn a lot and have a good time! Check out Ken’s WORKSHOP schedule for more info… his WEBSITE is fabulous and is constantly updated, so it’s worth taking the time!


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Workshop image via email newsletter from Ken DeWaard…

Charleston Photo: Boat at Bowens Island… peace…

Boat at Bowen's Island...

What comes to mind when you see this photo? Peace. I think it would be nice to be floating around in a simple boat, with an iced tea, on a sunny day… no worries, just nice day full of calm, quiet, and peace.

Whew, I feel better already!

And if the calm, quiet and peace doesn’t work, you can always shoot for one of Bowens Island Restaurants fabulous dinners… not health food, but I think it’s good for the soul… there isn’t another place quite like it!

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Bowen’s Island… always a treat!

Bowens Island. Now THIS is a restaurant that appears in countless magazines, has a fabulous view, fresh seafood that is SO delicious. Bowens has accolades up the gazoo. Every time you turn around there’s another article. Its funny when you go there for the first time, after reading about it you just have it in your mind as maybe a little fancy… well not fancy, but not… well, have you been there? Mostly plywood and assorted creative decor, its a place that has ATMOSPHERE with a capital A.

You can eat in the main restaurant if you’re getting seafood or steamed oysters by the tray (a cafeteria type tray, which I would say is a good many)… OR you can eat in the OYSTER ROOM if you get the ‘All you can eat’ steamed oysters. It’s a hip and happening place. Bring a camera if you go around sunset. It’s stunning!

I posted their menu back in 2011 (also have posted the 2012 menu, but that was in August and there were no oysters), give it a peek!

Hey maybe I’ll see you at Bowens? Catch you back here tomorrow!

Bowens Island Restaurant Menu – as of August 2012…

Bowens Island is a fabulous restaurant to visit. Here’s an update to my Bowens Island Menu post… a slightly new menu, so here is the latest as of August 2012!  The prices are still a deal. This restaurant has atmosphere like you won’t believe. It was fun to watch people walk in and say “WOOOOWWWW” mouths open, eyes wide. For all the notoriety it receives you would think it would be fancy (thank goodness it’s not!). The new menu has a photo of the old Bowens Island restaurant, this is what it looks like today… this place has a view that simply cannot be beat! We got there early (couldn’t wait!), but if you can hold out, the sunsets are magnificent!

Fred and I visited Bowens Island last week and had the best time as always! Fried shrimp that is so fresh and delicious it will put a smile on your face! So check out the menu, and pop on over for a quick bite, or lounge on the outside deck. It’s not health food, but if you splurge once in a while it truly is a treat!

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Charleston Photo: Fishing at Bowen’s Island…

Last time we were at Bowen’s Island we met the coolest group of women. They were out on the dock fishing and having the time of their lives. They had such a great attitude. It was chilly, it was windy, and eventually they all left, EXCEPT for this lady… she stayed to catch all the fish. I hope she did, she was a trip!

I love people who have great attitudes, what a difference they can make in other people’s lives! It’s not what you have (materialistically), its all about what you have in your heart, and this woman had plenty!

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