Bowens Island Seafood Restaurant Menu – April 2013

MENU as of April 2013

Well, I snapped three photos with my phone and for some reason I only got half the menu… Luckily I also snapped a photo of the hanging menu… This is the latest menu, as of April 2013. A group of us headed to Bowens Island awaiting a delicious fried shrimp dinner and that’s exactly what we got. Too. Good. To. Be. True. If you are in Charleston, Bowens Island is a must see… bring your camera if its around sunset. You won’t believe how beautiful it is! Not a dressy place, but the best tasting shrimp on the planet!

*Please note: the restaurant is CLOSED ON SUNDAY and MONDAY! Hours are 5-10PM Tuesday – Saturday!

Fabulous Fried Shrimp!

Oh have I ever gotten myself hungry… sigh!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Bowens Island Seafood Restaurant Menu – April 2013

  1. The day we went there, it was closed! Interesting location, tho. Wouldn’t mind staying there for awhile. Wonder how many mosquitos will visit the island this summer?!


    1. Thanks for the reminder Kate! I added their hours to my post… nothing worse than going for dinner and having the place be closed, ugh! As for the mosquitos… I think we will all have our fair share of them this year… it just didn’t get cold enough… darn! They are so evil… our state bird, hee…


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