Featured Artist: Susan Headley Van Campen!

SusanVancampen PeabodyCottageOnMarch8LateMorn DW

Peabody House on March 8, Late Morning by Susan Headley Van Campen – Image: Dowling Walsh

When I received this art card in the mail from Dowling Walsh I was blown away. As simple as this is, it has everything in a painting that I love. The dark against the light, the warm lights on inside the house, a sky that is exactly the color it should be for this painting. It is perfection. Don’t get too excited… it’s also sold! I try to feature work that is still for sale, but had to show you this one… Love it!

SusanVancampen LucyOnTheCouchApril DW

Lucy on the Couch,  April by Susan Headley Van Campen – Image: Dowling Walsh

You must check out the rest of her work. I didn’t feature any of the landscapes (and there are many), so that you would have the opportunity to look through and see which one you like the most. A gal can only make so many decisions this early in the morning!

Susan has her own website, which features some neat watercolors and a few of the landscapes that you’ll see at the Dowling Walsh website. Check them both out… and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow!

Read a blip about Susan from the Dowling Walsh website:

Susan Van Campen’s plein-air oil paintings are renderings of Maine in all its seasons. Susan paints in oil with the confident brushwork of a watercolorist, achieving bold impressions of Maine’s landscapes. These small impressions capture big moments – rapidly changing weather, vast landscapes, dramatic shadows, and heavy clouds. This exhibit celebrates Maine’s iconic landscape.

Susan Van Campen received her certificate of fine art from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadephia, PA.

“I like to paint what I see that strikes me at the moment. Things that don’t last long – like flowers and skies, water, the sunrise, clouds, approaching storms, a dandelion, an open tulip just before the petals fall off – a poppy bud before it bursts … as simple as possible, without laboring. I am trying to capture the color and shape the first time, that’s all.”

Susan Headley Van Campen and her family were interviewed by Britta Konau in the Free Press in March 2012:  http://freepressonline.com/main.asp?SectionID=61&SubSectionID=172&ArticleID=18050&TM=52610.34

Susan was featured in Maine Boats, Homes and Harbors magazine’s April 2010 issue. Follow the link to read, “The Art of Flowers” by Carl Little: The Art of Flowers

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