Bowen’s Island Restaurant – Charleston, SC


For those of you who have eaten at Bowen’s Island Restaurant, you know… You know how utterly awesome the view is… it takes your breath away. Seriously. TAKES. IT. AWAY. The fried shrimp is oh so tasty and I absolutely just cannot wait to have some! Visitors soon (yay!) and we will be making our way to the place that great photos are made from… and it sure doesn’t hurt that the food is tasty too!

Good grief, I just did something I shouldn’t have. I looked at the menu! Their prices aren’t bad at all, and now I’m really wanting some of their fried shrimp… check out the menu… you’ll be running at the speed of light, jumping in your car, hearing a big peel out noise, wondering where it came from before you even realize you’re in your car, headed right where all the real seafood lovers go… and that aint Red Lobster… hee hee…

Read the restaurant review “Shucking and sucking” it’s more of a story, ha ha – Bowen’s Island is known for their oysters!

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4 thoughts on “Bowen’s Island Restaurant – Charleston, SC

  1. Moodye Clary

    I plan to be in Charleston the weekend of May 13-15. Will the old adage of “don’t eat oysters in a month without an “r” in it” rule out the availability of steamed oysters at Bowens Island Restaurant?


    1. Excellent question… Not sure of the answer… I will call and ask that question when they open and will post it back here! I see the link for the menu is no longer operating… Hmmmm… Perhaps it was an old link. Will post back here later… Thanks for the comment!


  2. Mary

    The “R” Myth

    Folklore says that oysters should be eaten only in months with “r’s” in them—September, October, etc. Maestro S.V.P. educates people that oysters can be eaten 12 months a year. The notion that oysters should not be eaten in “r”-less months—that is, months that occur during warm weather—may have started in the days when oysters where shipped without adequate refrigeration and could spoil. But today all that has changed and we can enjoy oysters twelve months a year.

    Read more: Little Known Facts About Oysters


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