Broad Street Geranium…


This geranium sits in an office window on Broad Street. It is beautiful year after year… wonder if it’s the same one? Look at that wonderful light! As I write this we are in the midst of an “arctic blast” of cold weather. My fingers feel like they are about to crack… some of this sun would feel mighty nice right now! As you read this I believe our temps are supposed to warm up quite nicely! Woohoo, gotta love Charleston, SC!

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O N E   Y E A R   A G O…       Featured Artist… Quang Ho!

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O…   Artist to watch… Pam Ingalls!

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Featured Artist… Dru Warmath!

Coastal Landscape 8 by Dru Warmath
Coastal Landscape 8 by Dru Warmath

Just look at these coastal landscapes. Pretty fabulous right? Artist Dru Warmath is known for her abstract work. Her abstracts differ from others because she paints abstract landscapes which makes them so interesting. Now is the time to purchase one of her paintings, she is still reasonably priced (very!), but her prices are going to be increasing soon, so if you’re thinking about it… now is the time! These paintings, along with others are available in Charleston, SC at Galerie on Broad. If you’re in the area, check them out in person. They are large impressive pieces (40×40). They make a statement for sure!

Coastal Landscape 7 by Dru Warmath
Coastal Landscape 7 by Dru Warmath

Read a blip about Dru from her website:

Charlotte, North Carolina artist Dru Scott Warmath has been a full-time, professional artist since 1990.  Her artwork has won major awards in numerous regional and national shows.  She is an elected member of the National Watercolor Society.  Warmath employs an interesting division of space and odd, personal shapes to carry highly sophisticated color relationships in her paintings. 


O N E   Y E A R   A G O…       Featured Artist… Louisa McElwain!

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O…   Artist to watch… Karen Hollingsworth!

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Images via – Dru’s work can be seen at Galerie on Broad, located at 29 Broad Street, Charleston, SC 29401

[f e a t u r e d a r t i s t ] L y n n D u n b a r !

My Pet Chickens by Lynn Dunbar
My Pet Chickens by Lynn Dunbar

Such bright vivid colors make Lynn’s work so happy to look at! These chickens have ATTITUDE! Lynn captured the light perfectly… this is a great painting!

Anderson's View II by Lynn Dunbar
Anderson’s View II by Lynn Dunbar – Image:

This painting was accepted into the American Impressionist Society’s 2013 show held at M Gallery of Fine Art (soon to be named Principle Gallery). Fine work indeed! If you’re in the Charleston, SC area, you can still see this painting, the show runs through October 30, 2013!

Read a blip about Lynn from the Malton Gallery website:

Everything we do through out our day influences our moods and actions. Viewing art can set the tune for an entire day. I believe that people should surround themselves with art that makes them feel good and emits positive energy.  A good piece of art can take us out of ourselves and transport us to a different season, place or time.

Landscapes and color are my passion. I travel the back roads looking for new places to paint.  One of my favorite things to do is to hike in the woods. The forest surrounds me, holds me, and envelops me.  Standing amidst the encompassing forest trees is an awe-inspiring experience, bringing me closer to my higher power. When I paint the landscape, I hope to create a scene that one can walk into and feel. Feel the light, feel the dimensionality and the universality of nature. The hues I see are intriguing, and it seems like the harder I look, the more colors I see. 

Eventually the high wears off and I go back to my studio and paint.

After graduating from Purdue University, I was an advertising art director for many years before picking up a paintbrush.  Painting has been therapeutic to me in dealing with the loss of my son to childhood cancer.  I donate a portion of my proceeds from the sale of each painting to Childhood Cancer Research. 

Over the past few years, I have been lucky enough to study with Wolf Kahn in Vermont, Skip Whitcomb in Colorado and Michael Carter in Kentucky. I was honored to be one of the featured artists in the book “Painting Indiana ll” published by Indiana University Press.


O N E   Y E A R   A G O…       Coastal Carolina Fair Begins Tonight (2012)

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O…   Artist to watch… Karen Smidth – a bazaar artist in a  very good way!

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Blessing of the fleet… a Charleston area event… this year held at Memorial Waterfront Park in Mt. Pleasant!

Isn’t this a fabulous photo I took… hee hee, (pat on the back)… looks like it should be in an advertisement! Well, this Sunday there is a festival event happening here in town… It will take place at the Memorial Waterfront Park in Mt. Pleasant. Shrimp, food, fun and a blessing for the fleet! If you’re in town you must check it out!

A blip from the website..

Blessing of the Fleet & Seafood Festival
Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Blesssing of The Fleet and Seafood Festival at Memorial Waterfront Park in Mount Pleasant, SC

  Why not give our local shrimp and fisherman a bit extra this year?!  Join others in local tradition for this year’s Blessing of the Fleet and Seafood Festival.  This Charleston area event will be held at Memorial Waterfront Park under the bridge, on the Mt. Pleasant side. 

  The line-up for the festival this year has been beefed up with more maritime themed events including the main event, a boat parade and the official Blessing Of The Fleet.  It’s all held in an almost panoramic setting on the park’s pier, which jets out into the Charleston Harbor. 

  Also, at this year’s Blessing Of The Fleet and Seafood Festival, there is a shrimp eating and shag contest,  seafood “tastes” from local Mt. Pleasant restaurants, live music and children’s activities.  Bring the kiddies! 

With the main blessing held at 1PM, each individual shrimp and fishing vessel, that passes Mt Pleasant’s Waterfront Park, will get a kind reinforcement that the upcoming season will be a prosperous and safe one!

2012 Mt Pleasant Blessing Of The Fleet and Seafood Festival.  The clergymen give the local shrimp vessels and crew prayers of safety and prosperity in the 2012 shrimp season ahead.  Its not all business though. There will be plenty of South Carolina’s freshest juiciest shrimp and seafood!!  Make sure to bring your appetite with you!

You will get your fair share of shrimp and seafood at this year’s festival!  That’s for sure!  But, there is more fine restaurants and bars to sample on that side of the bridge!  Make sure to visit some of  Mt. Pleasant’s restaurants and bars, while you are in the area!

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Sunset on the water in Meggett, SC

Artist Betty Anglin Smith and her husband own the sweetest cottage in Meggett, South Carolina. It’s a place to sit and read, watch the beautiful view on the water, and for Betty a place to paint. This photo was taken back in 2006 at an oyster roast there for an guest artist in the Smith Killian gallery in Charleston, SC. It was a beautiful night with a spectacular sunset. The reflections were just gorgeous!

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Bowen’s Island Restaurant – Charleston, SC


For those of you who have eaten at Bowen’s Island Restaurant, you know… You know how utterly awesome the view is… it takes your breath away. Seriously. TAKES. IT. AWAY. The fried shrimp is oh so tasty and I absolutely just cannot wait to have some! Visitors soon (yay!) and we will be making our way to the place that great photos are made from… and it sure doesn’t hurt that the food is tasty too!

Good grief, I just did something I shouldn’t have. I looked at the menu! Their prices aren’t bad at all, and now I’m really wanting some of their fried shrimp… check out the menu… you’ll be running at the speed of light, jumping in your car, hearing a big peel out noise, wondering where it came from before you even realize you’re in your car, headed right where all the real seafood lovers go… and that aint Red Lobster… hee hee…

Read the restaurant review “Shucking and sucking” it’s more of a story, ha ha – Bowen’s Island is known for their oysters!

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