Featured Artist… Andy Evansen!

AndyEvansen VillageDoorway ae

Village Doorway by Andy Evansen – Image: AndyEvansen.com

I love the warm colors in this watercolor. You can actually feel the sunlight… oooh, that fabulous pop of yellow and those perfectly defined shadows make this one nice painting! I encourage you to look through Andy’s paintings, they are nothing short of fabulous!

Read a blip about Andy from his website:

Andy began painting watercolors in the mid 1990’s, is largely self-taught, and has studied with such well-known watercolorists as Skip Lawrence, Eric Weigardt, and Alvaro Castagnet. He served as President of the Minnesota Watercolor Society from 2004-2006 and teaches workshops around the United States.

His paintings have appeared on the cover of American Artist’s Watercolor magazine and in International Artist, Watercolor Artist, Plein Air and American Art Collectormagazines.  His award-winning paintings are in collections on 4 continents.  He was awarded the Bronze Medal of Honor at the 2012 AmericanWatercolor Society Exhibition and was jut elected a signature member of the prestigious Plein-Air Painters of America.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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