Artist to watch… Daniel Corey!

Ocean Point Snow by Daniel Corey

Artist Daniel Corey… whoa! Extremely talented… an artist from Maine with a keen eye for painting everything… I know I have already featured Dan this year (back in May) but he is posting some fantastic work at a very cheap price for a fundraiser in Maine (details below). I am in love with his snow scenes… I miss living in a cold and snowy climate (well, most of the time, I can’t complain about a Charleston winter, that’s for sure) and his paintings make me so happy! For the past several weeks he has been posting paintings on his oh-so-fabulous blog and facebook page, prices are to die for…  (AND the guy has a sense of humor, so his blog is as entertaining as it is informative!)… It’s all for a fundraiser for Boothbay Regional Art Foundation, see a description from his website below… the $100 price is a FRACTION of his normal price, and believe me when I tell you that I hesitate to tell ANYONE ELSE about this… I hate for a good painting to get away, hee hee, but fair is fair, and I think everyone needs to know about Dan!

17 Degrees by Daniel Corey

Ok, here’s the deal this month the local Boothbay Regional Art Foundation holds its Art in the Square show. This show donates $25. of every sale to a local Art Scholarship fund. The best part of this sale is all the pieces in this show must be priced at $100. !! So that means the art foundation takes nothing and is just servicing the art community.. Just Great! So no matter who you are or what level of commercial success you have had you are priced like all the rest.. Because of the non money hungry style of this non-profit group and June Rose (a true asset to the BRAF and general sweetheart)  I try to go out of my way to help them out. I have put alot of effort into teaching and participating here and hope you may want to help out by buying one of these pieces. Now I plan on donating the same ratio to them and they have no idea I’m doing this til they read this.. surprise! I plan on posting at least one painting a day for sale and the buy it now button should let you pay in many ways so don’t make excuses to not be part of this. The price is so low for these that im guessing they will sell quick and I am not saving the best pieces for last.. so dont wait. The only addition I am making is a one size fits all shipping price of $15. this will help pay for packaging, a little effort, shipping and paypal fees.

OK, now I feel better, I let everyone know about it… but be quick with the PayPal button or I just might beat you 😉

Another great one!

Lil Frosty by Dan Corey

Catch you back here tomorrow!

All images from the artist…

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