Featured Artist… Brian Stewart!

Isn’t this the sweetest painting? This was done by artist Brian Stewart. I love that house… what a wonderful place. A magical green, the light hitting the house, the person on the porch, the gingerbread on the house, the flowers on the porch, it all comes together and makes a very nice painting. I like how Brian has descriptions on his website… here’s the one for this painting (on Brian’s website under “Plein Air”).

Sunday Morning / Nicollet Island
Nicollet Island is an inner city oasis that has many fine, older Victorian style homes. Some grand, some quaint. Loaded with Ginger bread, these homes were in neglect for many years, but in the last few years people have been slowly restoring them to their original beauty. One more reason why the Riverfront is one of the more desirable areas in the Twin Cites. This Sunday morning scene looked like a nice way to start the day. 12 x 9, oil on canvas on board in a turn-of-the-Century style gilded frame.

One more, well, because I think it’s so interesting…

Where Stars Were Made 
This old, overgrown and abandoned motel is on the Pacific Coast Highway in California just as you enter into Malibu. Since the 30ʼs it has been a favorite of fast laners, rock stars and the Hollywood crowd. A trip to the beach wouldn’t have been complete without a stop there. I’m drawn to this kind of subject matter because it is so rapidly disappearing from our landscape and I look at it and think “If walls could talk”. 12 x 16”, oil on canvas on board in a gilded turn-of-the-Century style frame.

I want to go see this in person! Can you imagine fixing these up??! Brian’s description underneath image… I wonder who stayed there? YES, if walls could talk!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

All images: stew-art.com

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