A night so beautiful it looked like a painting by…


Here is a photo from my past trip to Michigan. The weather was fair for the most part, a tad bit rainy, but no snow… the sunrises/sunsets are AMAZING. It’s probably best that I don’t live on the water because I would never get anything done! As soon as I get in the front door from taking photos… BAM the sky moves, more sun/bright colors peek through, and back I go! This is the coolest little tree my dad made. More people stopped to look at it! It’s not much to look at during the day, but come dark… WHOA! Absolute magic! It’s an umbrella/table. On the top he put a round thingy… he attached the light to it at the top and secured them to the deck at the bottom. If I remember right he used smaller green lights to be the “tree” and bigger colored lights to be the “bulbs”. He scrunched and secured in areas as well so it wasn’t a straight shot from top to bottom… very cool indeed! The combination of the tree, the awesome sky and the “old fisherman crossing” sign just made this such an interesting subject. Those features coupled with the telephone pole and electric lines screamed to me… COLIN PAINTING. Funny how certain scenes remind me of a specific artist… This one was Colin Page!

Hope you’re out and about decorating and making things special for whichever holiday you’re celebrating! For us, it’s Christmas… we have the tree (check!), it’s decorated (check!) and it looks so beautiful! Next few days we’ll get some lights in a tree outside, then we can kick back and relax!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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