Well, it’s New Year’s Eve! Where did the year go?

LawrenHarris SNOW CACfb

Snow by Lawren Harris – Image: CaliforniaArtClub.org

I swear the older you get the faster time flies and the older old is. Think about it… when you’re young you think 30 is old, then you turn 30 and suddenly 50 is old. Then you turn 50 and 90 is old. Ha ha… The year flies by faster and faster, it’s crazy! Remember waiting for Christmas to come? It seemed like it took forever… now it seems as if it’s only a  few months away (stores putting out Christmas items at Halloween surely doesn’t help!).

Take this time to enjoy ringing in the New Year! For me, I likely won’t make it until midnight and I’m ok with it, ha ha… Happy New Year’s Eve!

Catch you back here tomorrow! Be safe!


4 thoughts on “Well, it’s New Year’s Eve! Where did the year go?

  1. Denise Carmical

    Hello Barbara,

    I really enjoy reading your blogs. I have learned several new healthy recipes and ‘seen’ parts of Charelston from your blog that have made me want to venture downtown. I truly need to be a tourist in my own town. I was curious if you have any helpful tips or strategies overcoming clutter and becoming better orgranized. I want to revamp my plans for 2013, and better organization is one item on my list. I appreciate any insight that you would like to share.

    Best Regards,
    Denise Carmical
    Summerville, SC


    1. Hello Denise! Thanks so much, you made my day! YES, DO become a tourist in your own town, this is one cool place! One suggestion… SECOND SUNDAY on King Street (link takes you to a post from last year about Second Sunday), it’s so much fun and the atmosphere is fabulous! Lots of people out and about!
      Clutter… ahhhh yeah, I’m your person! I am organized, and am constantly ‘decluttering’, going through my clothes, dishes, kitchen items and giving away instead of saving and making myself crazy with! Where would you like to start? I think this might be a nice little series… everyone likes to get their lives organized. It makes things “quieter” when you walk in a room… you don’t see “stuff” everywhere and think to yourself…”I need to…” Great suggestion, I appreciate it! Be on the lookout… Happy New Year to you!


      1. Denise Carmical

        Hello Barbara,

        Thanks for the quick reply. I look forward to your thoughts. I checked out the link, and it definitely will be on our list of things to do this Spring. Your blogs have inspired me to get out my 35mm camera, too To answer your question where to start, I struggle with paper clutter, countertop clutter, oh, the list could be endless. I am methodical/logical in my job, but sometimes you wouldn’t know it when you come to my house. LOL Have a Happy New Year, and I look forward to your insight.

        Best Regards,


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