The unveiling… the pathway of pavers has been completed… woohoo!


The “Before”, which was perfectly fine until the pavers started getting pushed up from the roots making it quite the challenge to walk on the path… not good. So, Fred dug up these pavers and MOVED them away from the tree (making it much better for the tree). He managed to do the bulk of this in a few days… then we spent a weekend moving plants, changing beds a little bit, and now… we’re waiting for the grass to crawl over the dirt that you see pictured below close to the pavers. The grass has already started creeping! (Better photos soon… this was right before it started raining)!


Gorgeous! Fred moved some monkey grass that we had behind the pool and planted at each end of the walkway to lead your eye to the path, and not the straightaway to the garage! It worked beautifully!

finished, view 2

Fabulous job! THANK YOU FRED! YOU’RE AWESOME! Catch you back here tomorrow!


8 thoughts on “The unveiling… the pathway of pavers has been completed… woohoo!

  1. Put another star in the crown of FABULOUS FRED! It looks absolutely terrific; you two are a good team…he does the work and you give the directions. Is that right?!


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