The new walkway… pavers have been moved… in progress!

fred and pavers

I know! Isn’t he the most gorgeous man? Sweet too! Lucky me! This was hour 500 of pulling up/digging out old pavers, and creating a new pathway to not upset our live oak tree’s sensitive roots… We want that tree to thrive, so this is what “we” must do! I showed you where we started last week in THIS POST. Look at him… smile on his face. How wonderful is that?

pavers before

I had already raked some leaves into the old pathway just to keep the beast’s feet clean (Charlie/Jack Russell) but you can see where Fred started pulling out old pavers that were put down over ten years ago… To recap: the reason we’re moving this walkway is because the large roots are uprooting the pavers in many areas close to the tree. Upon further investigation I read that it was a bad idea to cut the tree’s roots (or even put down pavers so close to a tree), so we re-routed…

In process...
In progress…

Tomorrow… the unveiling, you won’t believe your eyes! Catch you back here then!


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