House Plan Thursday: Southern Living Plan of the Month – Garden Cottage SL1830

HousePlan GardenCottage SL1830 SL

Garden Cottage (SL-1830) – An Exclusive Design for Southern Living by Group 3 Design

Precious. Is it not? At 540 square feet, this plan is perfect to use as a guest cottage, or as a weekend getaway situated in a scenic spot somewhere nice and quiet. With one bedroom, one bathroom, a kitchen and a living room, this plan has all the essentials for a nice stay!

HousePlan SL1830

I would ditch the bathtub and make a nice size shower and maybe see if there was a way to fit a stackable washer and dryer in the bathroom!  Oh, maybe I would add a cool little square window up above the door that can let more light in… I’m not sure what kind of ceilings this has, but I would also insulate from the rafters, then cover with wood. I love a vintage wood ceiling, whoa! Plus that would give you extra height and the little window would add a little more light. What would you do? It’s fun to dream… and see, I don’t always have lofty dreams! Ha ha…

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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6 thoughts on “House Plan Thursday: Southern Living Plan of the Month – Garden Cottage SL1830

  1. Ditch the shower for sure! Kitchen is insanely small. No counter space with appliances so I would run the bath and kitchen the entire length of the back.make the fire place go thru to the bedroom or function on each side. Agree on the ceiling for sure. And do something too the roof to create a light well. Having said all this I had a cottage that was 2 bedrooms and 500 sq ft and it was a cool little place.


    1. Dang Elizabeth, can’t believe I didn’t catch that! YES! The kitchen/bath should run the entire length of the back!! Nothing worse (to me) than a small kitchen… I need a little counter space (not that I have a big kitchen, but its efficient)… would be way cool for the fireplace to go through to the bedroom! How neat that you had a small cottage! It’s all how the rooms are situated that makes for a comfy space! Love your ideas! I think we should be “Home Plane Modifiers” hee hee… have a good day! b


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