House Plan: The Lafayette – A one bedroom cottage plan!

The Lafayette (C0049) House Plan by Allison Ramsey Architects
The Lafayette (C0049) House Plan by Allison Ramsey Architects

I had a request for a one bedroom cottage style house plan. I thought this layout worked nicely. When this home is used as a place to live (versus visit on occasion), you have to have somewhere to put your STUFF. I realize it’s hip to be ‘clean-lined’, but in reality, as you get older you have more stuff. We’re really good about clearing out anything that isn’t being used, simply because we don’t have space to store it for eons while it just sits. If we bring something into the house, then something has to go out of the house… it’s as simple as that. But still, storage is key, and although this is a small plan, it gives you exactly that!
The Lafayette –Main Floor -Allison Ramsey Architects

The Lafayette… 790 square feet of heated space. This plan even gives you a nice porch area (not counted in square footage). Quite a plus! This is a sweet cottage plan that has an open kitchen/living room so it doesn’t feel small or cramped. This plan also has a linen closet and a spot for the washer/dryer (stackable) in the bathroom, which we have right now and absolutely love!

The Lafayette - Upstairs - Allison Ramsey Architects
The Lafayette – Upstairs – Allison Ramsey Architects

The upstairs loft could be used as an extra bedroom, or you could pop a daybed or pullout sofa so that it can be used as another place to hang out…  or… it could be a massive storage area and a place for the treadmill, ha ha… Personally, I would put the treadmill and a pull out sofa. Maybe a small desk on the back wall looking out the window, and the rest built in storage, so it doesn’t LOOK like storage. Just a place for out of season things like clothes, blankets, etc.

Update... I reached out to Allison Ramsey back in 2014 after receiving a question asking how to access the loft. They said it is accessed using a ships ladder. However, Allison Ramsey will help you with modifications to house plans, so they may be able to fit a staircase in some way. It’s worth asking!

Let me know what you think… if you’re looking for something in particular I’m happy to help you look.

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7 thoughts on “House Plan: The Lafayette – A one bedroom cottage plan!

    1. Hey Philip! Small houses are just so smart! Especially when well configured. Renovations are exciting… we have a list of things we would like to do. It’s always a good time 😉


    1. Hmmmm?? You know when I first looked at this, where I saw “UP” is where I figured it was… hmmm, but that’s outside, and likely steps to the porch? I’m wondering if its more like a ladder to get to it? Will have to ask Allison Ramsey Architects!


    2. I asked Allison Ramsey Architects, and they said that the loft is accessed using a ships ladder, but perhaps if you modify it a bit you can slip in a staircase somewhere? Great question Carole, thanks for asking!


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