Featured Artist: Diane Mannion

Me 2013 by Diane Mannion
Me 2013 by Diane Mannion

Isn’t this the most delightful self portrait? I love it. Diane looks like such a nice woman, someone who you would like to spend time talking to.  Her work is exceptional!

The light on her face and in her hair… so nice… those little punches of color in the necklace, and that soft pretty color on her face. Very nice!

Read a blip about Diane from her website, be sure to check out her blog as well!

My adopted state of Florida both inspires and terrifies me.  The sky and water, vivid colors, light and shadows… hurricanes!  There’s an energy here that drives my painting.  People, palm trees, birds and flowers.  Tourists and trailer parks.  Painting material everywhere I look!  I’m lucky to live where the ordinary is extraordinary.  Florida’s beauty contrasts sharply with seedy tackiness.  My challenge is to translate this visual chaos with paint in full color.   

 I paint with several plein air groups in Southwest Florida and often venture out on my own.   Sometimes fire ants or rain chase me into my car (auto-painting).   A plein air sketch may evolve into a larger studio painting.  Over thirty years as an artist/author (more than 64 books illustrated as Diane Paterson, 12 as author) have influenced the way I see and translate visual reference.  Sharing my skills through teaching has sharpened my life-long learning process.

 My blog has become an important part of my work.  I post and write about painting techniques almost daily.  Please visit:


Catch you back here tomorrow!

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