How to clean a coffee thermos – the black coffee residue *POOF* – G O N E !


Well earned coffee residue!
Well earned coffee residue!

I tend to be persnickety about my coffee. I don’t like it weak and I don’t like it old… I’m ok if it’s hot or not, but old coffee (you know, when you put cream in and it turns gray, eeeeeek!). I will avoid that like the plague. So every morning when the coffee finishes brewing, I pour it into a thermos (that has been preheated with boiling water). Now, you would think, that adding boiling water day after day would keep coffee from sticking to the sides of the thermos, wouldn’t you?

Well one morning, I went to rinse my thermos and it poured a ton of what looked like coffee grounds into the sink. WHAT?!?!?! So I put boiling water and soap and everything else I could try… nothing worked. It’s a tall narrow thermos, so there is no way to reach down into it. Haven’t I read something about baking soda I thought to myself? Hmmm,, well, let’s see… add boiling water about 3/4 full, because I was unsure what would happen once I added baking soda… I added 2 Tablespoons of baking soda and it start to expand. I put the top on and gave it a GENTLE SHAKE (with a towel over the top, just because I could almost feel the pressure, which kind of scared me…).  I couldn’t easily unscrew the top…. hmmm, OK, better wait until it calms down before I try again. I left it alone for 4-5 hours, maybe even longer than that. When I poured it out, it looked like the strongest coffee on the planet. At first I thought AHHHHH! Pouring out good coffee??  Nope, all the black stuff on the sides of the thermos that build up over time… are now… tada….

G O N E ! ! !

Like brand new!!
Like brand new!!

Just BE CAREFUL with the boiling water! I just gave this a whirl and it worked, but I’m no expert! Did I just get lucky this one time?

F L A S H B A C K !

O n e  Y e a r  A g o:          Artist: Christina Body!

T w o  Y e a r s  A g o:       Port Clyde, Maine Cottage

T h r e e  Y e a r s  A g o:  Artist: Scott Mattlin!


11 thoughts on “How to clean a coffee thermos – the black coffee residue *POOF* – G O N E !

  1. baking soda and vinegar are two of the most effective household cleansers. Also, tea is a grease cutter. I save my morning tea bags ( I like my tea strong) and use them to wipe the stove down if I splatter grease while cooking. Followed with a paper towel and some vinegar. Voila!


  2. SusanGraeber

    Another tip. Mix dawn / blue with half white vinegar to scrub away bathtub stains , sinks etc. It’s a miracle old school mix


  3. Lee Ekland

    Thanks for this great tip : )

    If you don’t know about this already try putting one teaspoon baking soda in the water when making hard boiled eggs. I don’t know how it works but the eggs are significantly easier to peel. I was amazed!


    1. Hey Lee, thanks for the reminder! I had forgotten about this! Did you know that you can blow them right out of the shell? It’s too funny, I did it and it made me laugh, I couldn’t believe it worked!


      1. Lee Ekland

        No, I didn’t know that Barbara, I’ll have to try it, thanks!

        Blowing eggs clean out of the shell just might inspire my husband to help in the kitchen : )


  4. peggy

    I am going to try the bakeingsoda and boiling water but I don’t know if it will work its really thick in my thermos but its a really good thermos


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