House Plan: Curlew Cottage by Flatfish Island Designs!

Curlew Cottage - First Floor Plan
Curlew Cottage by Flatfish Island Designs

Flatfish Island Design… a cool architectural firm based on Sullivan’s Island in South Carolina. Many of their plans have wonderful porches where you can spend time and appreciate the beautiful area that we live in… For living in the South, these wonderful porches would also help keep some of the heat at bay so that the strong sun isn’t beaming in your windows warming your home up even more. This is a very attractive plan both inside and out. I love this one! The Curlew Cottage is 1,922 square feet and has 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms!

Curlew Cottage by Flatfish Island Designs - First Floor Plan
Curlew Cottage by Flatfish Island Designs – First Floor Plan

This plan has a first floor master suite, which is located in the back of the house. Perfect! The living, dining, kitchen is all located in the front part of the house and is an open plan. Look how open! Can you imagine the ways you could change your rooms around when you got tired of them? The possibilities… ENDLESS!

Curlew Cottage by Flatfish Island Design Second Floor Plan
Curlew Cottage by Flatfish Island Design – Second Floor Plan

The upstairs has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a laundry. For just Fred and I personally, I would try to have the laundry downstairs (stackable perhaps??) and one bathroom upstairs, maybe two guest rooms and storage! I love storage, ha ha! That’s the good thing about Flatfish Designs, they will work with you to make a plan work for you and your family. What’s not to love?

Be sure to check out their other HOUSE PLANS, and their FAQ! Do you love this house plan, but you don’t need the upstairs? Check out Nippers Escape house plan! It’s basically the first floor… Also check out their Facebook page: Flatfish Island Designs great photos!

Read a bit about Flatfish Island Designs from their website, they seem like a really cool company – check them out!

At Flatfish Island Designs, we believe that comfortable living begins with great design, and that great design should be accessible to everyone. This sounds like a simple concept, but bringing those two aspects together has been difficult in the past.

Great Home Plans are not often Accessible

Great design is certainly available. There are capable architects in every city that can design a house plan to truly suit your lifestyle and your location. Of course, this takes extra time, effort, and cost. So, for many potential homeowners, this option is out of reach.

Accessible Home Plans are not often Great

Accessible, affordable design is also available, if you don’t mind making lots of compromises. At any home center you will find an entire wall of house plans-for-purchase. Or, you can choose from your homebuilder’s limited inventory of generic home plans. Unfortunately, there is very little connection between these cookie-cutter house plans and the people who will live in them.
Until now, you have had to choose between skilled, personal design and accessible, affordable design. Now, one home design team offers both.

Introducing Flatfish Island Designs

For years, Stephen Herlong and a team of talented designers have been creating exceptional quality custom homes for clients from around the country. Our team has worked through every detail of both the exterior and the interior of each house plan. This experience has given us an ingrained sense for purposeful design – that is, design for the way people live in their homes.
Today, Steve has created Flatfish Island Designs, a compilation of house plans for sale that capitalize on this experience. Each home plan in this expanding collection offers beautifully detailed architectural style and superior livability, without the significant investment of time and money that a truly custom home plan requires.

Flatfish Island: Purposeful, Livable, Accessible House Plans

So, whether you are looking for a cozy cottage house plan, a breezy bungalow beach home plan, or an expansive luxury open floor plan, there is a Flatfish Island design for you. And, if you don’t find precisely the house plan you desire, you are free to make modifications to your home plan using skilled Flatfish Island home designers, or the architect of your choosing.

For a truly livable, purposefully designed home plan that fits your personality, your lifestyle, your neighborhood and your budget, choose Flatfish Island Designs.

We invite you to view our Designs Gallery of house plans. If you have any questions, please contact us.

ALL IMAGES VIA, used with permission…

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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