Stairway to Heaven?

Stairway to Heaven?
Stairway to Heaven?

Well, this may not be the stairway to Heaven, but it sure feels like it! This is the boat ramp for the Laura B (Monhegan Boat Lines) – this, sadly, was our departure from the island. You can see the regal Island Inn at the end of the ramp (in the distance) with it’s flag flying. Oh how we love this place!

Good bye Heaven, hope to see you next year! Have a great weekend!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

11 thoughts on “Stairway to Heaven?

  1. Barbara S.

    I think of Monhegan as heaven on Planet Earth, too! I was here in July 2019 for a wonderful art workshop. And I am hoping to return this July, 2022 for the same art workshop. Hope to see you all soon….

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      1. Thank you for replying, Barbara! Yes, I agree, Monhegan light is something else..

        Do you know Spanish at all???
        There is a custom- when two people share something in common, they are considered “tocayo/as.” So, since we have the same first name, we are TOCAYAS. 😊


      2. Barbara

        Hi again, Barbara. I just read your “About me” page. How cool! So you visited Monhegan once and painted? And you live in one of the Carolinas? I visited NC on a wellness retreat in July 2021 and I LOVE North Carolina. I was in the western part of the state in the the Blue Ridge Mountains in Pisgah Forest- beautiful. I visited Asheville Art Museum twice and then became a member and I zoom into events now and again from where I live in Boston, Mass. Would yo use interested in seeing my website?

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