Featured Artist: Patricia Canney!

Wedding in Blue Image via AbendGallery.com
Wedding in Blue
Image via AbendGallery.com

Patricia Canney. She has some interesting work out … she’s painting dresses, all kinds of dresses. Beautifully! Hey, if you were getting married, wouldn’t it be cool to have a painting of your dress in the store window? Take a peek at Patricia’s paintings, very nice! She’s in several galleries, below is a Q&A from the Abend Gallery in Denver, CO.

Patricia is in the process of creating a new website, so be on the lookout! For now you can continue to use this site as well as Facebook and Pinterest!

I also like this one from the study/sketch section of Patricia’s website, the bright happy color really pops:

Tea Rose Sketch - Image: www.pacanney.com
Tea Rose Sketch – Image: http://www.pacanney.com

Read a bit about Patricia from her website:

When people ask, I say, “I paint dresses and garments and stuff!” Garments, dresses, costumes, hats and shoes appeal to me as variations on figurative work. They are portraits without the figure, embodying the essence of a person or dream. I love that each viewer can read their own story, memory and emotion into the painting.

I like small scenes of people, places, garments and quiet moments that are loose and alive with color, connecting it all with places and times. I am drawn to that certain kind of light that captures the unguarded moment and captures both the “now” and “forever” on canvas.

Lately I have been assembling still life arrangements of garments, shoes and hats on hangers, dress forms and coat trees in my studio. They hang from the walls, drape on chairs and get moved around with the light. I paint them from life and photograph them in morning or golden late afternoon light. 
It’s great fun.

I use my graphic design background when composing a painting. Childhood memories of my parent’s small town café inform paintings of restaurants and interiors. Paintings of garments and shoes remind me of my grandmother who worked as a tailor in a men’s store….or of my mom who taught me to sew.

The Abend Gallery in Denver, CO wrote a Q&A with Patricia, I love knowing who artists have taken workshops with, as well as who inspires them!

Is my work more about realism or abstractionism or combo?

It’s a combination…a bit abstracted in the paint quality but aiming for realism of  the emotion. I’d like to achieve the truth of a quick sketch, quickness and light , in the larger pieces.

Studied with?

Kim English was my first workshop teacher and the artist whose work always inspires me. I have also studied with, Peggi Kroll Roberts, Maggie Siner and others.

Inspired by?

All the above and more. Kim English for his amazing skills and sense of light. Paul Oxborough, a modern master. Nancy Franke, with her lovely ease of paint.  Dan McCaw inspires me with his unwaivering curiosity and daily challenges to himself.

Of course, inspired by… 

The classic, three…Sargent, Zorn and Sorolla

My work in the future?

Always working toward painting effortlessly (with precision)…or to appear effortless!

What would I say to a viewer?

Thank you for stopping for a look. I want every painting to live in a “good home”…like the “foster children” they all are!

What do I want the viewer to take away?

Enjoyment. I hope the viewer can imagine a story or bit of a story in the paintings.

How has my work changed over time?

I hope it has improved. So many ideas and not enough time to grab them all and get them down!

Favorite medium?

Oil on canvas but I’d like to improve my skills with acrylic, just for fun.

Images used with permission from the artist…

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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