Featured Artist… Dan Young!


It's Showtime by Dan Young
It’s Showtime by Dan Young

Dan Young. Wonderful paintings. Dan’s color palette is to be applauded, along with his brilliant skies and those peeps of light that just make this painting sing! His paintings are remarkable, check them out!

Dan has quite a few SHOWS coming up this year… as well as a workshop in February!

Read a bit about Dan from his website:

Dan Young was born in Denver, and grew up in western Colorado. “ Camping and fishing through out the Rocky Mountains as a child, has been a strong influence on me and my work,” Young stated. He attended Colorado Institute of Art, hoping to find a direction in art. After graduation he moved to Dallas to pursue the commercial art field. Even with a successful Illustration career, the landscape was always calling him back. In 1989, he returned to Colorado to begin painting full time. Young enjoys painting the rural life of the west, the ranches that dot the mountain valleys and river bottoms. He states,“ Though I’m a landscape painter, I like introducing hints of man’s presence in the landscape. Sometimes I feel I’m in a race to paint a disappearing way of life. It’s hard to watch so many of the family farms and ranches being swallowed up by development.” 

Young clings strongly to the importance of painting from life. He feels painting from life was the most important stepping stone for his career. Most days you can find him painting along a backroad or beside a mountain lake. 

I still spend about 50 percent of my time painting on location. That’s what drew me to painting, the love of being out in nature and trying to accurately capture it on canvas. I still get excited when I head out for a day of painting. It doesn’t matter if I paint in Alaska or out my front door, it helps keep me fresh to paint on location,” he says.

Images via DanYoungStudio.com, used with permission…

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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