Featured Artist… Andrea Peters!

Cold & Clear by Andrea J. Peters 36 x 36" Oil on Board
Cold & Clear by Andrea J. Peters
36 x 36″ Oil on Board

Andrea Peters.  I think her work is so amazing. She’s got a cool style that is quite different. Her trees are my favorites… the trees and the funky clouds, love them! I think Andrea’s paintings are so happy. One of Andrea’s paintings made the cover of LL Bean! Pretty cool, since it seems like a majority of the country receives that catalog, ha ha…

I hope to feature one of her spring/summer images in the coming months, they are amazing!

Read a bit about Andrea, from her website:

Whatever you call it, energy, spirit or soul, grasping that is my primary goal in painting, which then becomes a personal journey for my life.
When I paint all else ceases to exist. I am caught in a space and time that has no measure or proof other than the visual painting result. My painting transcends the now of the physical and transports me to another plane. There is only pure joy. It is comfortable yet unpredictable, exciting yet peaceful, a place to lose myself and yet find myself. This experience doesn’t happen when I plan for it, but rather when I least expect it, I’m submerged in it.
I like the element of unpredictability and let each painting be guided by itself and that particular period in time, to let it be whatever it will be, accepting it only for what it is..a moment in my life.
The more personal struggles there are in my life the stronger my work becomes. This is both encouraging and satisfying, yet mystifying too. But I am not concerned with this or the picture result as I am with the satisfaction and peace that the experience of painting brings me. That is personal gratification!

Images via AndreaPetersArt.com, used with permission…

While I don’t normally feature jewelry, I have to say… Apparently creativity runs in the family! Andrea’s daughter Christine Peters creates some beautiful jewelry! Check it out!

Catch you back here tomorrow!




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