Featured Artist: Mike Kowalski!

Read All About It by Mike Kowalski 18x12" Watercolor
Read All About It by Mike Kowalski
18×12″ Watercolor

 Mike Kowalski. This painting, Read All About It was selected for the American Watercolor Society (AWS) Show for 2015, and guess what?? Mike received the Silver Medal! Quite an honor indeed!  The show is held this month at the Salmagundi Art Club in New York.

I love everything about this painting. It’s a cool place that I want to go visit and spend time reading through the different magazines or newspapers. I like that he leaves the details to your imagination, very nice! The areas of shade and light – I just think it’s stunning!

Mike’s watercolors are brilliant. They’re well thought out and brimming with life! I am so impressed by artists who can paint with watercolors! I highly encourage you to check out his website… Gorgeous paintings, you just have to see them to believe!

Read a bit about Mike, from his website – I love how he writes!:

A friend recently told me that a good indication of what would make you happy in life would be to look back at what you were doing at the age of four or five. I was happy outside, observing nature. No need of added stimuli, just the sight, sounds and smells of our natural world. I also drew a lot. After over twenty five years as a freelance illustrator I have started pursuing art that………….. makes me happy. I was recently on the coast of California painting early in the morning. The sun rising quickly, shadows changing, wind whipping up from the west. The colors of the surf were yellows, and ochres, olives and innumerable shades of blue. I had only about an hour to get it all down. Those hours painting are what I live for.

Here’s the boring stuff:

Graduated from Utah State University with a BFA in art/illustration. The instruction at that institution was stellar.

Moved to Southern California in the early eighties where I had the opportunity to paint with Dan McCaw ( who also just happened to be on my soccer team ). I learned an awful lot in that time.

I relocated to the San Francisco bay area where I met my wife leading bicycle trips. After the birth of our first child I got a bit more serious about illustration. We moved up to the Seattle area where I began to concentrate on architectural illustration.

I’ve been busy ever since.

About five years ago I began to take steps toward a career as a fine artist. With four children that transition is slow but steady. I have many years ahead of me.

Image via MikeKowalskiFineArt.com

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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