Charlie – Photo of his laser goggles…

Charlie ready for laser treatment

Charlie with his googles on (reminds me of Snoopy) ready for his first laser treatment (Companion Therapy Laser by LiteCure) at West Ashley Veterinary Clinic. (Thankful for this fine group of doctors)!

Charlie had surgery seven weeks ago today for a torn CCL (like an ACL in humans). He has progressed so much. After surgery, these laser treatments were recommended. They speed healing, help with inflammation and pain. I swear that he healed faster and with less pain than if he didn’t have them. It only took a few minutes (depending upon condition and dog, etc.). This was the only time he wore the Doggles, darn cute, glad I snapped a photo! The other visits (he had ten), Fred just held him with Charlie’s head facing the opposite direction of the laser (we had special goggles on as well).

Interested? Click HERE to find a practice near you that offers laser therapy. In Charleston, there are quite a few that do offer it.

To read more about all this laser can help, visit the Companion Therapy Laser website!

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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