Emerging Artists: Aaron Bowles and Zachary Mendoza!

Emerging Artists

Now and then I like to share some emerging artists with you… take a peek! What a treat…


Getting' Fixed Up by Aaron Bowles
 Gettin’ Fixed Up 24×18″

I think this is such a nice painting. The colors are fabulous. These boats have a regal air about them, high on their pedestals. Wonderful painting!

Read a bit about Aaron, from his website:

Born in Charlottesville, Aaron is a lifelong Virginian, where he went to college to study painting and design, and continues to live today. After many years as a digital creative director and freelance illustrator, which he continues, Aaron began to pursue his dream of becoming a painter.

Aaron studied painting at East Carolina University, and holds a bachelors degree from Virginia Commonwealth University where he studied communication arts, painting, and English. He continued his art education at the graduate level by studying painting at George Mason University. A former assistant professor of design, he taught art at George Mason and Northern Virginia Community College. He exhibits nationally and is in numerous institutional and private collections. Read more HERE


Albert Camus by Zach Mendoza

Albert Camus by Zach Mendoza  11×14″  Oil

Great colors! Love the different darks with pops of light. The face is fabulous, especially that one eye and the wild abstractness – great combo! Albert Camus was a French philosopher, author and journalist. At first glance this painting reminded me of a cross between Edgar Allen Poe and Robert Downey Jr.! Whoa! Nice painting!

Read a bit about Zach, (info from the artist), also be sure to check out his website!:

Zach K. Mendoza is a painter and illustrator who lives in Eagle Rock, California and recently graduated from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. As a painter he is dry much interested in exploring both temporal directions of art history , the past and the not yet known. Armed with both a fascination of the past and an obsession to experiment, Zach makes work that often explores these predilections. Francis Bacon once said “I want a very ordered image but I want it to come about by chance”. The dichotomy of chaos and order is a fundamental component of Zach’s practice.

All images via ABowles.com and ZachKMendoza.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artists.

A big thank you to Aaron and Zach for submitting their websites!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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