Featured Artist: Catherine LaPointe Vollmer!

Old Man Island Tunnel by Catherine LaPointe Vollmer 9×12″ Pastel

Catherine LaPointe Vollmer. Her work is so nice. I love the shadows in Old Man Island Tunnel, and the peek at the water is heavenly. Catherine also does illustration. She creates phenomenal travel posters (available for sale) and book covers (and more!) – This is stunning:

Camping Under the Stars – Vintage Travel Poster by Catherine LaPointe Vollmer

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EMERGING ARTISTS: Joy Schultz, Laura J. Stein and Brad Wieland!

Emerging Artists

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EMERGING ARTISTS: Tammy Cox, Jenny Graham & Debra Harold!

It’s been a while since I’ve done an emerging artists post – check out these artists! (Thank you for submitting your requests!) – Listed in alphabetical order…  Continue reading “EMERGING ARTISTS: Tammy Cox, Jenny Graham & Debra Harold!”

Emerging Artists Inderpreet Kaur and Gwen Duda!

It’s been a while since my last Emerging Artists post – so here goes! Be sure to check out these two emerging artists!

I N D E R P R E E T   K A U R

Website  |  Facebook

Tranquil by Inderpreet Kaur 24×30″ Oil

Wonderful reflections and light – love these trees!

Read a bit about Inderpreet, from her website:

Due to rapid changes in the topography taking place during our global age, I am interested in preserving landscapes as a documentation in the form of painting. For this, I use reference photographs that I have taken at Lake Tahoe and the surrounding area.
I come from a Sikh family and my early life had no freedom of expression. Due to my family customs I was not allowed to go outside except to school or Sikh Temple, still they supported my passion for painting by providing all useful art material. My father used to reward me whenever I painted something new, but it was not developed further due to religious oppression for women at that time.
Painting landscapes gives me a feeling of freedom to express my own personal emotions. The primary element in my paintings is water. I love to experience  and enjoy places where there is water, although I do not know how to swim. This feeling of not knowing to swim scares me, so I like paint water to overcome that fear. Light, atmosphere and color are my source of inspiration to capture a fleeting moment. These majestic landscapes are developed in layers. My attempt is to create landscapes that convey the essence of mood, atmosphere and the richness of the landscape.

G W E N   D U D A

Website  |  Facebook

Refresh by Gwen Duda 9×12″  – Monoprint Acrylic on Paper

With spa-like coloring and a nice texture, “Refresh” is the perfect title!

Read a bit about Gwen, from her website: 

Images via GwenDuda.com and InderpreetKaurArt.com, used with permission.
Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Emerging Artists: James Suglio, Nancy & Lisa Quatrocchi!

I haven’t written an Emerging Artists post in some time. I receive a lot of submissions and try to fit a group in here and there. Here are three (two are mother and daughter, what fun!) – Enjoy!


Laurentians by James Suglio  9×12  Acrylic

What is better than looking at a snowy painting on a warm and humid day (well, at least here in Charleston)? Nice trees, great shadows!

Read a bit about James, from his Facebook page

I am a self taught artist, working exclusively in acrylics. After 30 plus years in the legal profession, I now devote full time to painting, photography and travel. My preferred subjects are seascapes, landscapes and dogs.


Slept In by Lisa Quatrocchi 16×20″

An interesting scene – looks like this person is having a wonderful time!


Bird In Hand by Nancy Quatrocchi  12×12″

A fun and quirky painting, cool bird cage, which adds a lot to this painting. The dark background makes this painting stand out!

Read a bit about Lisa and Nancy Quatrocchi (mother and daughter), from their website:

Both Mother and Daughter were born and raised in New Jersey. Influenced by the works of George Inness, John Singer Sargent and Degas, they both decided to pursue their passion and enrolled in the Ridgewood Art Institute. Both went on to be mentored by Artist John Phillip Osborne, a Master Painter at the RAI. They also studied with Danielle Wexler and Basil Baylin.  The Artists also took classes with Alex Piccirillo and Gary Godbee at the Yard School of Art located within the Montclair Art Museum.

Working Primarily in oil, both Artists paintings include still lifes, landscapes and portraits.  While the Artists love to travel throughout the Country and Europe some landscapes are painted En Plein Air on location. Colorado, Maine, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Vermont to name a few.  In painting, both Artists strive to express their painterly approach through traditional oil painting techniques.  In 2013, both Mother and Daughters works have been accepted into the prestigious Oil Painters of America. In 2017, both Mother and Daughter were accepted into the American Impressionist Society. 

All images via James Suglio Gallery Facebook and LQNQFineArt.com, used with permission…
Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

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Emerging Artists: Linda Posson and Barbie Smith!

Emerging Artists



Beech Hill, Rockport by Linda Posson  8×8″  Oil

“Beech Hill, Rockport” is a palette knife painting by Maine artist, Linda Posson. I really like the dark/light contrast of the horizon and sky. The clouds are nice and the thicker areas of paint add dimension! Be sure to check out Linda’s paintings, wow!

Read a bit about Linda, from her website:

My inspiration as an artist comes from the beauty of my surroundings–islands floating in a bay, fir trees rising from rocky shores, light playing on water, rolling hills back-dropping golden fields , sunrises that are as dramatic as sunsets. Lately, I find myself noticing every old house, barn, and shed I pass–places I’ve seen a hundred times before, all held together by scraps of paint, rusted metal and weathered wood.  

I work with environmentally friendly M. Graham watercolors, oils and medium.



Point Lobos Arch by Barbie Smith  9×12″  Oil

Point Lobos Arch is an oil painting by California artist, Barbie Smith. Barbie does an amazing job capturing the light. The sunlight, the reflecting light on the water, all very nice. The water is fabulous as well, love the varying colors. Check out Barbie’s work… beautiful!

Read a bit about Barbie, from her website:

A native of California, Barbie Smith is an oil painter whose love of color and beauty is reflected in her work. She finds inspiration in the endless wonder of God’s creation and tries to reflect that beauty in her paintings. She looks for any subject with a strong design element including patterns of light and shadow or bold contrast of color or value. Her work is often described as that which evokes a sense of peacefulness and tranquility for the viewer.

For Barbie, oil painting is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Her art has been a progression which began in childhood with endless hours of drawing, leading to a pursuit of more formal training in her college years. Her passion for oil painting has developed through many opportunities to study in workshops and classes with both regional and nationally known artists.

A member of the Folsom Arts Association and the California Art Club, Barbie’s work has received awards and recognition in juried art exhibits and can be found in private collections throughout the United States. She is represented by the Gold Country Artist Gallery in Placerville, CA. Read more HERE

Thank you both for submitting your websites, what a treat!

All images via LindaPosson.com and BarbieSmithStudio.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

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EMERGING ARTISTS: Elisa Sheehan and Mary Susan Vaughn!

Emerging Artists

It’s been a while since I’ve featured a few emerging artists, and I think there is no time like the present!! Sit back and enjoy… (and thank you Elisa and Mary for submitting your websites, it’s how I find out about artists I have yet to hear about!)

elisa sheehan


Cool, small paintings by Elisa Sheehan! Whispy, happy colors – I think they look great grouped together, but they are available individually as well. Each is 8×10″. Elisa makes what she loves, and that is evident – be sure to check out her work! I like how Elisa shows these paintings in a few different settings, it really helps to picture if it would work for you.

Read a bit about Elisa, from her website:

“My painting process is a combination of intuitive yet planned mark making and completely unrestrained play. Color, shape, texture and line are what express emotions in my work. Nature’s influence is ever present in as evidenced by shapes of botanical matter – flowers, branches, lichen, leaves, water, pods with accents of pencil drawings. Each is a representation of the present moment – calm, chaotic, energetic, reflective and beautiful.

My works are a collection of my life’s moments. Living with 2 kids, 2 dogs, and one lovely husband, we explore the world together and place a premium on our time together. We prefer to do our exploring outdoors and almost all of my inspiration comes from nature. We home school our 2 children and seeing them learn in their own ways informs my own process and artistic growth. The sky really is the limit and sometimes making a giant mess is the best way forward!

Painting is a way of life for me. I work in various mediums from oil paints to watercolor, rope to silk, Adobe Illustrator to Photoshop, and as of late even a little metal and stone! I make what I love.” Read more about Elisa HERE

mary susan vaughn


Bessy & Company by Mary Susan Vaugh  30×40″ Oil – SOLD

I love this painting. It’s unexpected… I think Mary captured it so perfectly with the cows all looking at her. This painting has character! Be sure to check out Mary’s work – her cows are wonderful, someone else must have thought so too… these cows are sold.

Read a bit about Mary, from her website:

“Always the creative spirit, Susan was born with a paintbrush in hand and an enthusiasm for color and fine art. As a child, her art hung on everything from refrigerators to walls, from elementary school classrooms to neighbor’s basement walls and beyond. She had one elderly neighbor, Mrs. Johnson, who lived alone and would give Susan a “Mary Jane” candy for every piece of artwork she would bring over to her. Susan stocked up on “Mary Jane’s” and Mrs. Johnson stocked up on Susan’s artwork. Read more about Mary HERE

All images via ElisaSheehan.com, and MarySusanVaughnFineArt.com used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artists.

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