Emerging Artists: Maura Segal and Kim Gibbs!

Emerging Artists

I haven’t featured any emerging artists in a while, so I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to artists Maura Segal and Kim Gibbs!

maura segal

Boomerang by Maura Segal 36x48 Acrylic and paper on canvas

Boomerang by Maura Segal 36×48 Acrylic and Paper on Canvas

Abstract, interesting, and a good feeling of movement and depth. I like the varying shades of the background and the bold and finer strokes. Be sure to check out Maura’s work, she’s got a lot of great color going on!

Read a bit about Maura, from her website:

“I grew up in Los Angeles where I reside with my husband and three daughters.

Creating multi-layered artworks is what I enjoy making, using a combination of acrylic paint and carefully selected papers, new and antique. The papers are cut into thin strips and other geometric and organic shapes, resulting in a complex universe of balance, texture, color and vibrant rhythms, emulating their coexistence in the urban landscape.” Read more HERE

kim gibbs

Dusty Road by Kim Gibbs 24x24 Oil

Dusty Road by Kim Gibbs 24×24 Oil

I like the colors in the road and those bits of purple. Nice light in the grass on the right, stands out fabulously against the dark trees! Be sure to check out Kim’s work, I really like her marshes as well!

Read a bit about Kim, from her website:

“Creativity is a natural overflow of Kim’s passion for beauty in our world. She interprets the world through an expressionistic view using vivid, intense color with emphasis on texture.  Her paintings are filled with energy and vibrancy and explore the use of color with light and application.

As a child, Kim was inspired by her aunt’s three-dimensional art and the wonders of exploring her family’s art store.  While raising her own children, she studied watercolor which opened her eyes to seeing how color reacts to light. From watercolor Kim moved on to working in pastels and acrylics, finally finding oil, her current medium.

Primarily self-taught, Kim has studied with many world class teachers and participated in numerous workshops from Scottsdale to Maine. Her instructors have included Albert Handel, Timothy Horn and Millie Gosch, among others. She is a graduate of the University of  Georgia  Journalism School. Her large landscapes are in several galleries in the Southeast. Kim paints daily in her studio/gallery in Charlotte, NC.” Read more HERE

Thank you both for submitting your names via my blog!

All images via MauraSegal.com and KGFineArts.com , used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artists.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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