Paint color for walls – Something dramatic!

Wall color...

Old Navy by Benjamin Moore – Paintings, see below…

We love to change paint colors. It’s a problem. We probably need therapy, but it makes such a difference for a pretty insignificant amount of money. We love the all white look. LOVE IT! The creams and whites. We tried it. Painted the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and it was horrible. Capital H Horrible. The bathroom is fine, but the bedroom and living room, ugh. At first I thought I LOVED it, my eye went straight to the window and grabbed the green from the trees. Beautiful. Then we hung our art, put back our rugs and oh. Hmmm. Not so much. It didn’t flow.

We have had a medium brown(Kuba by Ralph Lauren – no longer made) in a few rooms and a dark grey in the dining room. We bought a sample can of Benjamin Moore paint (I love how they do that). I painted the room I thought we would start with, the dining room. A nice, dark navy. This is the brightest time of day, it usually looks more like the left hand side versus the right hand side.

I thought the brown worked so nicely with all of our paintings, but whoa, I didn’t realize how there is blue in all the paintings. Sweet! We have since decided not to start with the dining room, so the above has since been painted back to Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal. The color above is Old Navy – we may keep it or try it a bit darker (custom color, they’re so good at) – although, living with this blue, I think we want it to read blue and not black, so we may go with Old Navy… It’s good to live with it for a while – I will keep you updated!

Top: Julia Nichols, Bottom two: Ken DeWaard Subject: Monhegan!

Catch you back here tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “Paint color for walls – Something dramatic!

  1. Sheila

    You are so interesting, and nice to share it , now we get so excited when decide to 🎨 and love how different everything looks again….fresh!


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