Emerging Artists Inderpreet Kaur and Gwen Duda!

It’s been a while since my last Emerging Artists post – so here goes! Be sure to check out these two emerging artists!

I N D E R P R E E T   K A U R

Website  |  Facebook

Tranquil by Inderpreet Kaur 24×30″ Oil

Wonderful reflections and light – love these trees!

Read a bit about Inderpreet, from her website:

Due to rapid changes in the topography taking place during our global age, I am interested in preserving landscapes as a documentation in the form of painting. For this, I use reference photographs that I have taken at Lake Tahoe and the surrounding area.
I come from a Sikh family and my early life had no freedom of expression. Due to my family customs I was not allowed to go outside except to school or Sikh Temple, still they supported my passion for painting by providing all useful art material. My father used to reward me whenever I painted something new, but it was not developed further due to religious oppression for women at that time.
Painting landscapes gives me a feeling of freedom to express my own personal emotions. The primary element in my paintings is water. I love to experience  and enjoy places where there is water, although I do not know how to swim. This feeling of not knowing to swim scares me, so I like paint water to overcome that fear. Light, atmosphere and color are my source of inspiration to capture a fleeting moment. These majestic landscapes are developed in layers. My attempt is to create landscapes that convey the essence of mood, atmosphere and the richness of the landscape.

G W E N   D U D A

Website  |  Facebook

Refresh by Gwen Duda 9×12″  – Monoprint Acrylic on Paper

With spa-like coloring and a nice texture, “Refresh” is the perfect title!

Read a bit about Gwen, from her website: 

Images via GwenDuda.com and InderpreetKaurArt.com, used with permission.
Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

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