EMERGING ARTISTS… a few more emerging artists on this Memorial Day holiday!

Emerging Artists

Time for a few more emerging artists! Enjoy your Memorial Day! Take a moment to remember those who served their country…


Common in Light by Ann Trainor Domingue 24x24x1.5 Acrylic

Common in Light by Ann Trainor Domingue 24x24x1.5 Acrylic

This painting caught my eye, and being Memorial Day, I thought it would be nice to include one with the American flag! I like the perspective of this paintings, it’s fresh and different. I really love the bits of light on the porch, the fabulous green in the grass (but not flat green) and the shadows of the house. Very nice!

Read a bit about Ann, from her website:

I think a little messy is healthy. Find unmanicured far more interesting. And enjoy the uncommon.

This is a funny contradiction after spending three decades in the advertising industry where messy is unacceptable and crisp clean digital design is the holy grail. Now, I bring the best of those experiences to my art where I am both an unedited storyteller and sole designer–in search of the next step of my evolution as a painter.

When creating my artworks, I begin with design–a holdover from my days in advertising. Little thumbnail drawings begin to untangle the nest of inspirations and start the process of establishing order. Subject matter and color, medium and size, paint application and story, each contribute something important in this early design process. This convergence of ideas spills out into little designs in black and white, then evolves into small color drafts, created to evaluate the possibilities for larger work.

The sketches help lay a foundation but the details are to be determined once the painting process begins. I create art that is grounded in reality while obviously playing with it–reshaping forms and reinterpreting color. Lines sometimes do the heavy lifting, and at other times its color and texture that bring the piece to life. I enjoy the painting process itself–at times scrubbing out complete paintings only to discover half way through that the scrubbing is actually helping to merge elements and improve the work. This is what I refer to as being brave–sometimes it comes easily others its a full on struggle.

My treatment of edges is key to my working style. I love coarsely painted areas that dissolve into another, and crisp edges that melt into a softened area. It keeps my eye moving around the piece and not settling in one area. This variation keeps me going till the fundamental elements feel right. No science. No measuring. No roadmap to a destination. Just a feeling that things have arrived.


Havana Momma by Toby Tover 36x36 Moxed Media

Havana Momma by Toby Tover 36×36 Mixed Media

Is this a fun painting or what? Doesn’t Havana Momma make you smile? She’s got spunk. You can tell that she’s past the point of caring what others think. I love it, her and her loud clothes. She’s happy and doing what she wants. It’s as if she’s saying “Life is short – Live it up“! (Very cool background too!)

Read a bit about Toby, from her website:

Everyday life ‘clip shots’ have held a fascination for me. Satire, humor and personal isolation are strong threads that weave themselves throughout the figurative work. The images have been processed through my own personal visual filter. I paint the genre of “human/social condition narratives” which come from my absorbing interest in movies, theater and personal or documentary photography.

Nostalgia is a component of the vintage-based work. Nostalgia in Greek literally means “the pain from an old wound”. It’s a twinge in your heart far more powerful than memory alone. I paint what I feel: you do not have to feel as I do..that you get some emotional reaction from what I create is all that matters… whether it be laughter or a knowing connectedness.

The Divas, painted in acrylic, have one characteristic in common–they all are women with attitude. Displaying a fierce boldness with an undercurrent of intrigue that often turns introspective, they cannot be overlooked, or ignored. The Divas are in our face and we, as viewers have to confront them. Once seen, these images are hard to forget, perpetuating the ultimate diva feminine mystique. I try to capture my subjects in a moment to ensure that this moment will become timeless.

All images via the artist’s websites – images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artists.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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