EMERGING ARTISTS: Joy Schultz, Laura J. Stein and Brad Wieland!

Emerging Artists

It’s been a while since I’ve done an emerging artists post (February!!) – check out these artists! (Thank you for submitting your website!) – Listed in alphabetical order…


What Would You Do If It Didn’t Have To Make Sense by Joy Schultz 19×24″ Tempera on Paper

See more of Joy’s work via these links:

Website  |   Facebook

Love the colors and shapes in this piece! Read a bit about Joy, from her website:

Drawing to See

In 2002, I entered my first show and sold my first painting, “Cruisin'” (above) and felt encouraged to spend the next six months building a body of work. I started exhibiting in local, state, and national shows, won numerous awards, and created many commissions, particularly of people’s children and horses.

In December of 2005, my first painting and article was published in International Artist Magazine.

In 2004, my 17 year old son died. As part of my healing and new life, I began teaching painting and sketching to adults, and discovered how much my spirit thrived by encouraging and inspiring other artists. After ten years of teaching I am now spending more time on spontaneous painting and drawing for the joy of it, and as a way of being really present.

I grew up in Illinois and have lived in Colorado since 1986. While homeschooling my two kids, I started messing around with art materials again and took my first plein air pastel class when they entered middle school. In 2009, I was introduced to The Work of Byron Katie, a form of self inquiry. It’s a perfect fit with drawing and painting. Both invite me to really notice and see what is — to pay attention and be awake to this moment.
I have since become a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie and love to use drawing as a way to explore and express feelings in a deeper way than words can sometimes do.
I’ve been very inspired by Michelle Cassou’s book and workshop, Point Zero, Creativity Without Limits, which focuses on painting truly spontaneously and approaches painting as a form of self inquiry.
Recently I’ve been very inspired by Frederick Franck’s book, The Zen of Seeing–Seeing/Drawing As Meditation.

Click HERE to read more about Joy!


Moving Parts by Laura J. Stein 16×20″ Collage and Pencil

See more of Laura’s work via this link:


So many interesting shapes! Read a bit about Laura, from her website:

I like to paint with bits of paper, which is why collage is my medium. I choose to work from source material and do not use a copy machine or a computer in my work. I put down an outline with a pencil on watercolor paper. Mostly I use a ruled edge but sometimes I might do it in a fast and loose way with a drawing inside. Then I fill the space with cut or torn pieces of auction catalogs, grade school primers, old medical textbooks, and maps. Sometimes the picture comes together right away like a completed puzzle. More often though, I put several layers down, scraping here and inlaying there, until it looks right. I like to have a lot of materials around me, and then I make connections and figure out what I want to combine. I use scissors, a razor, and gel medium to paste and attach and scrape away. I have a lot of pre-conceived ideas that become fluid and changeable according to whether things are working out or look right. The collage feels finished when I have created a true pattern with the proper balance of light.


Anchorage 1 by Brad Wieland 16×12″ Acrylic

See more of Brad’s work via these links:

Website  |   Facebook

This painting has a cool, moody vibe to it. Read a bit about Brad, from his website:

For over 30 years, Brad Wieland has been a commercial photographer and graphic designer. His most recent passion is for acrylic paintings, which borrow heavily from his lifelong study of shape, color, texture, shadow & light.

Self-taught, Brad is drawn, primarily, to abstract & impressionistic work with an occasional, somewhat-representational piece thrown into the mix. His recently-started art blog explores his discovery of new techniques, new artists & general inspiration for the aspiring artist. Currently, Brad’s original work is done with acrylics on stretched canvas panels and gessoed watercolor paper.

Earlier in life, Brad worked alongside his father and brothers to help establish a well-known contract furniture manufacturing company called Wieland Furniture. His work within that organization included marketing, graphics, photography and branding. Before that, he operated a recording studio and two small advertising agencies. In 1998, when Wieland Furniture was sold, Brad established another company called Studio A Inc, producing commercial design & photography. His photographs have been published in almost 30,000 publications around the world.

Brad’s original artwork can be purchased here at bradwieland.com, and archival-quality prints and canvases can be purchased through our Imagekind Gallery.

Are you an artist who would like to be featured in the future? Submit your website: Emerging Artists, click HERE. Artists, click HERE. Catch you back here tomorrow!

Images via artist’s website – used with permission.
Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

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