EMERGING ARTISTS: Tammy Cox, Jenny Graham & Debra Harold!

It’s been a while since I’ve done an emerging artists post – check out these artists! (Thank you for submitting your requests!) – Listed in alphabetical order… 


Road Home by Tammy Cox 8×8″ Pastel

See more of Tammy’s work via these links:

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

Read a bit about Tammy, from her website:

Born in Germany of military parents, Tammy’s travels gave her a wide variety of beautiful landscapes that inspire her paintings today. She married and settled in Kentucky in 1976 and raised three children with her husband Tom. Greatly envolved in horse showing and rodeo, she, and her entire family put in a lot of miles traveling across the country following the competition and exploring the wonderful places it took them. Discovering the western vistas of northwest Wyoming on horseback became one of her favorite destinations and gave her the opportunity to photograph the landscapes and a lot of the wildlife abundant in the Wind River Valley near Jackson Hole. After raising her family and experiencing “empty nest”, she began spending winters in Fort Myers, Florida and pursued her art through Bonita Springs Center for the Arts. It was during this time that she discovered the medium of pastel and was inspired by Cheri Dunnigan, a wonderful pastel artist and teacher, which sparked her desire to create her favorite coastal landscapes with the intense explosion of color that the soft sticks of pigment provide. She has studied oil, acrylic and watercolor, but settled on creating her paintings with the wide variety of color possibilities that soft pastel makes possible. Tammy has studied and worked at her craft through classes and workshops with several internationally accredited artists including Sally Strand, Barbara Jaenicke, Doug Dawson, Lyn Asselta, Kim Lordier, Nancy King Mertz and Gary Huber.

“Often overlooked when your destination is on your mind, is the field across, or the bend before, or the bottom “to the right” of your turn. Beauty can be missed when it doesn’t lay in the line of our sight on the road to somewhere else. I’m constantly scanning for that hidden jewel that might bring the ordinary to life in my paintings.”


Painting by Jenny L Graham

See more of Jenny’s work via these links:

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

Read a bit about Jenny, from her website:

I create realistic portraits of people close to me and landscape paintings of places I’ve visited. My landscapes form a travelogue done on location, from studies or photographs, and from memory. The references for my portraits are primarily family photographs. In them I attempt to realize the person in the photograph by accentuating facial expression. I include details, such as the way jewelry falls with weight on the body, the grip of a hand on glasses, and the way a crease forms in clothing on a slouched body. The objects I include deepen the context of a particular portrait and add symbolic meaning, just as people or vehicles included in a landscape shape the mood.


Color of Fall 2 by Deborah Harold 18×24″ Oil

See more of Debra’s work via these links:

Website  |   Instagram  

Read a bit about Debra, from her website:

Deborah Harold, a post modern impressionist artist,  paints daily in her  studio, using large brushes, palette knives and oil paints  to achieve the  loose, fresh, distinctive style that is her own.

After studying at UCLA and UCI, Deborah practiced Interior Design for years before picking up a brush to explore painting at Cannery Paints under the guidance of Marilyn Poliquin.

She has never looked back and still enjoys painting with all the wonderful artists at Cannery on 31st in Newport Beach.

She has studied under numerous contemporary artists and has been  influenced by Tom Balderas, Ken Auster, Peggy Kroll Roberts  and Richard Claremont to name a few.

She is also influenced by The Society OF Six impressionists who formed their group in the bay area in the early 1900’s.

Using her keen sense of color  helps Deborah to capture the essence of impressionism and abstraction on gallery- wrapped canvases ranging in size  from 6″x 6″ to 48″x 48″ and larger.

Her  subjects range from  California seascapes and landscapes to the abstract figure.

Living near the ocean gives her daily inspiration along with the canyon landscapes that surround her studio.

Her work is in juried shows, galleries, home interior shops, charity events and hangs in countless homes across the country and abroad and  her work has won numerous awards. She enjoys working with the trade, offers a discount and allows pieces to go out on memo to be sure the client is absolutely happy with her work.

Painting is a life-long journey, and through years of studying art Deborah will continue to tell her story through her paintings.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Images via artist’s website – used with permission.
Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

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