EMERGING ARTISTS: Elisa Sheehan and Mary Susan Vaughn!

Emerging Artists

It’s been a while since I’ve featured a few emerging artists, and I think there is no time like the present!! Sit back and enjoy… (and thank you Elisa and Mary for submitting your websites, it’s how I find out about artists I have yet to hear about!)

elisa sheehan


Cool, small paintings by Elisa Sheehan! Whispy, happy colors – I think they look great grouped together, but they are available individually as well. Each is 8×10″. Elisa makes what she loves, and that is evident – be sure to check out her work! I like how Elisa shows these paintings in a few different settings, it really helps to picture if it would work for you.

Read a bit about Elisa, from her website:

“My painting process is a combination of intuitive yet planned mark making and completely unrestrained play. Color, shape, texture and line are what express emotions in my work. Nature’s influence is ever present in as evidenced by shapes of botanical matter – flowers, branches, lichen, leaves, water, pods with accents of pencil drawings. Each is a representation of the present moment – calm, chaotic, energetic, reflective and beautiful.

My works are a collection of my life’s moments. Living with 2 kids, 2 dogs, and one lovely husband, we explore the world together and place a premium on our time together. We prefer to do our exploring outdoors and almost all of my inspiration comes from nature. We home school our 2 children and seeing them learn in their own ways informs my own process and artistic growth. The sky really is the limit and sometimes making a giant mess is the best way forward!

Painting is a way of life for me. I work in various mediums from oil paints to watercolor, rope to silk, Adobe Illustrator to Photoshop, and as of late even a little metal and stone! I make what I love.” Read more about Elisa HERE

mary susan vaughn


Bessy & Company by Mary Susan Vaugh  30×40″ Oil – SOLD

I love this painting. It’s unexpected… I think Mary captured it so perfectly with the cows all looking at her. This painting has character! Be sure to check out Mary’s work – her cows are wonderful, someone else must have thought so too… these cows are sold.

Read a bit about Mary, from her website:

“Always the creative spirit, Susan was born with a paintbrush in hand and an enthusiasm for color and fine art. As a child, her art hung on everything from refrigerators to walls, from elementary school classrooms to neighbor’s basement walls and beyond. She had one elderly neighbor, Mrs. Johnson, who lived alone and would give Susan a “Mary Jane” candy for every piece of artwork she would bring over to her. Susan stocked up on “Mary Jane’s” and Mrs. Johnson stocked up on Susan’s artwork. Read more about Mary HERE

All images via ElisaSheehan.com, and MarySusanVaughnFineArt.com used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artists.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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