Dogs need a mental challenge – BONUS: This will slow down fast eaters!

Kong Wobbler

This is a Kong Wobbler. It’s good for dogs who get bored easily and need a mental challenge. They say that mental workouts wear them out far more than a long walk. Hearing that had me rushing to the store to get one of these! At first Charlie was having a time, barking at it, whining, then he quickly figured it out. We now feed him in his Wobbler, it takes him a while to get the food out because it moves so it’s not as easy as it looks. He’s a smart beast and getting it figured out pretty quickly, but it does have another bonus… it slows down their eating! So if you have a fast eater and are looking for a solution, I would think this would do it!

Oh Happy Day!

Read more about how the Wobbler works, from the Kong website!

Now that Charlie’s bandage is off, we are able to walk and enjoy the Wobbler – Life is good!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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