Emerging Artists: James Suglio, Nancy & Lisa Quatrocchi!

I haven’t written an Emerging Artists post in some time. I receive a lot of submissions and try to fit a group in here and there. Here are three (two are mother and daughter, what fun!) – Enjoy!


Laurentians by James Suglio  9×12  Acrylic

What is better than looking at a snowy painting on a warm and humid day (well, at least here in Charleston)? Nice trees, great shadows!

Read a bit about James, from his Facebook page

I am a self taught artist, working exclusively in acrylics. After 30 plus years in the legal profession, I now devote full time to painting, photography and travel. My preferred subjects are seascapes, landscapes and dogs.


Slept In by Lisa Quatrocchi 16×20″

An interesting scene – looks like this person is having a wonderful time!


Bird In Hand by Nancy Quatrocchi  12×12″

A fun and quirky painting, cool bird cage, which adds a lot to this painting. The dark background makes this painting stand out!

Read a bit about Lisa and Nancy Quatrocchi (mother and daughter), from their website:

Both Mother and Daughter were born and raised in New Jersey. Influenced by the works of George Inness, John Singer Sargent and Degas, they both decided to pursue their passion and enrolled in the Ridgewood Art Institute. Both went on to be mentored by Artist John Phillip Osborne, a Master Painter at the RAI. They also studied with Danielle Wexler and Basil Baylin.  The Artists also took classes with Alex Piccirillo and Gary Godbee at the Yard School of Art located within the Montclair Art Museum.

Working Primarily in oil, both Artists paintings include still lifes, landscapes and portraits.  While the Artists love to travel throughout the Country and Europe some landscapes are painted En Plein Air on location. Colorado, Maine, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Vermont to name a few.  In painting, both Artists strive to express their painterly approach through traditional oil painting techniques.  In 2013, both Mother and Daughters works have been accepted into the prestigious Oil Painters of America. In 2017, both Mother and Daughter were accepted into the American Impressionist Society. 

All images via James Suglio Gallery Facebook and LQNQFineArt.com, used with permission…
Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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