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Several times a year I like to post entries from Emerging Artists who have submitted their work to me. Check them out!

Take a minute to check out their websites and read a bit about them. If I didn’t post the entire bio/artist’s statement I provided a link so you could continue reading.

Thank you all for submitting your websites!


Winter Folly by Julia Lawing 30x24" Oil

Winter Folly by Julia Lawing  30×24″  Oil

Julia Lawing  (JuliaLawing.com), Julia has a nice website and some nice paintings, nice shadows in this one above!… Check out her website!

Read a bit about Julia, from her website, to read in entirety, visit website!

Julia Chandler Lawing resides in Concord, North Carolina, with her husband Bruce and their four daughters. Born in Atlanta, her family relocated to St. Simons Island, Georgia, when she was 12. The beauty of the Golden Isles’ mossy oaks, tides and marshes, wildlife and coastline continues to influence her art today. Julia graduated from the journalism school at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, advertising sequence, with a concentration in drawing.

Post college, Julia experimented with various mediums including stained glass, ceramics, watercolor and photography. Past work experience includes undergraduate admissions recruiter at the Savannah College of Art and Design, advertising copywriter at The Charlotte Observer, grammar school art teacher, and volunteer docent at the Cabarrus Arts Council… (more)


One Buffalo by Greg Marquez 24x36 Acrylic

One Buffalo by Greg Marquez  24×36″  Acrylic

Greg Marquez (Artquez.com), Greg has watercolor, acrylic and sculpture. Talk about well rounded! A very cool buffalo indeed! Also be sure to check out Greg’s blog while you’re on his website!

Greg Marquez is a native of Colorado and grew up in that mythical place called The West. Having spent most of his life exploring the western United States by foot, horse, bicycle and  car he finds that his artwork is imbued with the color and light so unique to this part of the world. Primarily thought of as a Watercolorist, Mr. Marquez also paints with Acrylics on canvas and is an accomplished sculptor. 

His work has been included in many prominent shows and has won accolades and awards. Mr. Marquez has also been awarded two commissions for Veneco Oil in Denver. The first was assigned based on the quality of his paintings on canvas and illustrates on two large, 5×9′, canvasses the natural life above and below an oil-rig near Santa Barbara, California.  The other commission was seated on a large, 4×8′  panel and details some of the wildlife found in the Sacramento Basin area by smaller panels affixed to the larger piece which in turn shows a landscape typical of the area.
Mr. Marquez also teaches painting and drawing and has volunteered many hours in the Denver Public Schools.
Most recently Greg Marquez was invited to participate in the Biennial of the Americas in Denver, CO.


Broken Angel by Yisra Prevail 36x24" Acrylic

Broken Angel by Yisra Prevail  36×24″ Acrylic

Yisra Prevail (YisraPrevail.com), her paintings show strength. She has quite a story, be sure to read about her (and click the link to finish reading) and check out her website!

A childhood spent in civil-war torn Guatemala , … subsequently well-travelled, … a relatively new immigrant to Canada, … Prevail wishes to identify her present-day self through a spontaneous exercise/exorcism of paint to canvas. Early Canadian career-achievements in fashion illustration / design / modeling, and public relations eventually led Prevail to a wish for a more personal freedom of purpose—finally to emerge herself in a fine arts studio practice—to paint independently.

Glancing at Prevail’s Alfa series there can be no avoidance of an art historical reference … a flashback in time and place to modern, 1911-13, Germany,—consider an emerging ‘Expressionist’ movement struggling with the critical acceptance of the bridge between representational and non-objective imagery – the beginnings of communication of emotion through the purely ‘visual’ elements of colour and form in painting (witness: Jugendstil, Der Blaue Reiter group, … ).  

Artists are always limited in their choice of influences by taste and tenor of their own time. Where first generation Expressionists explored the metaphysical through orchestrated and articulate critical debate, art theory publication, artist associations, and theme-oriented group exhibitions, … ‘this’ generation expressionist Prevail has chosen to embark upon a personal, contemplative path (stream of consciousness) hoping —paint to canvas—to whisper —an essence of the divine power of creation— “a universal beauty held in heart, soul and spirit”. (…finish reading...)

All images via artist’s websites, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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