Moving paintings around – like a room makeover!


It’s easy to keep everything where it’s at. You know, furniture, lamps, paintings – I simply cannot do that. Since I was a kid, I would work hard at changing my room around. Often. I loved moving furniture and creating a completely different looking space. It’s so rewarding. I know we aren’t all wired that way.

Too much moving can be a bad thing I suppose. Like the time my sister and I thought we could bring the love seat from the living room (like it wouldn’t be missed), up the stairs (very old house) to my room. It got stuck in the staircase. I don’t think my dad was too happy about that. (Thanks Dad 🙂 ) but aside from your furniture getting stuck somewhere I can’t see a downfall. We have been known to change entire rooms. Living room one day… Dining room the next.

I have even changed a few kitchen cabinets around. Hmmm, I don’t totally recommend that. For years you will go to the wrong cabinet out of habit, ha ha… I say it’s good for the old brain, ha!

This is our gallery wall (click that link to see previous post regarding). This is a big wall that is difficult to make right with just a few paintings. It needs a statement. So a gallery wall solved that. Then all that gold started to get to us. So we made some changes. Exchanged some for floater frames, and took some out of the frames. They look fabulous! Now our gallery wall is in a different room.

Painting by Carol Bass

This painting is by Carol Bass. She’s a great person as well as a stunning abstract artist. We feel very fortunate to have one of her paintings. The frame on this painting is even beautiful with pegs (not nails)! Hand made by her husband (also a super nice guy).

The chair on the right had a striped slipcover, that didn’t work with this painting, so we had a white duck cloth slipcover made for it. Love it! Need a white/off white pillow to tie in the other chair that is the ultimate in comfort! A modern chair near a cool abstract painting… love it! Do you move furniture around, or are you one that believes it should stay put?

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Paintings on gallery wall (top photo):


2 thoughts on “Moving paintings around – like a room makeover!

  1. Margaret A Kingsbury

    I used to have to call my husband who worked until midnight and tell him to “be careful when you get home because the bedroom is now where the dining room used to be”. Every couple of months I would just have to switch everything around. Now I live in a 400 square foot apartment so things have to stay where they are. That took some getting used to. I do move my plants occasionally. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OH! I love to hear that, ha ha! I love to be able to switch rooms entirely. It’s fun when people come over and they just stare for a moment, and then say “didn’t this used to be a dining room”? Ha ha… YES! You aren’t imagining things! When I was a kid I had a big bulletin board, so if furniture wasn’t being moved I would take everything off of it and put new things up, such fun I had, haha… See, even plants being moved makes a difference!! Good for you!


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