Paintings… and frames!

Gallery wall

Artists: (From top left to right): Dan Corey, Alison Hill, Dan Corey (Middle row): Tim Bell, Tim Bell, Robert Abele, Tim Bell, Tim Bell, (Bottom row) Bjorn Runquist, David Kasman

We have got a lot of paintings. Wonderful paintings. We have so many that we have started to hang them gallery style on a few walls (it’s either that or store them, and we just cannot do that). The frames became too prominent. We wanted to see more of the paintings, less of the frames. So on four we switched to floaters… I know that those of you who are traditional might want to keep the frame, but for those of us who can go both traditional or a bit more modern we were all in for the switch.

This is an example of a lot of frames, too many for my eyes… we have since reconfigured this wall, and there is one large abstract 60×60″ painting by Carol Bass. Some of these paintings have come out of the frames entirely, and I like the look of them hanging with no frame. I like it a lot! Two on this wall have been put into floater frames (MORE ON THAT NEXT WEEK).

What do you think about floater frames? Is there ever a time when there is just too much frame for you? I know there have been problems getting frames off and on. We found some great floaters at Frankenframe!

Catch you back here tomorrow!



3 thoughts on “Paintings… and frames!

  1. Theresa OLeary

    Hi Barbara,I enjoy your blog. Thanks for posting thoughtfulideas, artwork and destinations! Very inspiring!If you do another segment on frames, you maywant to include CanvasPlace…located in Calif.Reasonably priced floater frames etc.Thanks again for gathering your intelligenceand sending it our way! all my best, t

    Theresa Andreas-O’

    Date: Tue, 2 Feb 2016 11:01:00 +0000 To:

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