Featured Artist: Tracy Yarbrough!

Life is Good Today by Tracy Yarbrough

Life is Good Today by Tracy Yarbrough

Tracy Yarbrough is an artist from the Nashville, TN area. She has some fun paintings that are sure to put a smile on your face. I like the abstract quality of this one, the “drips” which I think add to the painting and the wonderful happy colors. Check them out, she has a great website!

Read a bit about Tracy, from her website:

Creating art that is colorful and expressive, I hope to share some happiness with the viewer. I have fun painting and I want it that to come across in my artwork. 

Using acrylics and sometimes collage, I layer texture, color and line intuitively to create my paintings. I like to use color in an expressive way.  I often paint over old paintings to create something entirely new.  The layers of collage, texture and paint underneath my paintings are similar to ourselves, there are many layers and some secrets are hidden. 

My recent abstract landscapes are inspired by… the beach and the beauty of the where the land and sky meet. the joy of just being.  unplugging and enjoying nature.

Note: I have changed the way I feature artists that submit via the submission form on my website, instead of calling that post an “Artist to Watch”, I am keeping it as “Featured Artist” to lessen confusion. I will try to thank those who submitted. Most of my featured artist posts I run across are artists that I contact, whether it be word of mouth, Facebook, Instagram, a gallery or a slew of other ways. On occasion I will feature artists who submit to me – what a treat to find an artist I could have otherwise missed! Thank you  Tracy, for submitting your work!

All images via chick-pea-studio.com (Tracy’s website), used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

PS to those who receive this post via email: Yesterday I inadvertently mentioned a before and after photo. Oops! I had changed my thought process part way through the post and didn’t delete that line. If you ever see something that doesn’t make sense, please check my site (you can just click on the title in the email and it will take you there) – chances are corrections have been made. I despise mistakes, but they happen, ugh!

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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