Featured Artist: Carol Jenkins!

Early Spring by Carol Jenkins

Early Spring by Carol Jenkins  20×24″  Oil

Carol Jenkins. Her work stands out. I love the lighting in this piece. That ground looks hard and cold, but with that wonderful gold glow… Fabulous barn!

Island Harbor by Carol Jenkins

Island Harbor by Carol Jenkins  16×20″  Oil

Just look at this water! It feels as if I am on the shore looking out at this boat, the water is smooth as glass in some areas which is just fabulous. This painting caught my attention right away. Fabulous!

Read a bit about Carol, from her website:

I was born to an artistic Massachusetts family. I started drawing and painting very early. My home was filled with beautiful paintings done by my great grandmother. She traveled to the White Mountains in New Hampshire in the 1890″s to paint”en plein air”. I was inspired by these paintings and encouraged by my family. I always knew I wanted to be an artist.

I recieved a National Scholastic Art Scholarship in high school to go to the art school of my choice.I dreamed of becoming an illustrator and choose Vesper George School of Art in Boston.

One of my teachers was Robert Douglas Hunter. He noticed my talent and encouraged me to
move from commercial art to fine art. I transferred to the School of the Museum of Fine Art in Boston, Massachusetts and majored in painting.

In my early twenties I had an urge to travel and headed west. I was struck by the awesome beauty of the Rocky Mountains.I settled in the historic mining town of Ward, Colorado, surronded by National Forest and near the Indian Peaks Wilderness area .Hiking, backpacking, and living in a small town suited me . I am still here today.

After many years of working with pastels, I felt like holding a brush again.I decided to get serious about oils and signed up for workshops with the best teachers and painters I could find. I studied with Kim English, Skip Whitcomb, Kang Cho,Greg Kreutz, George Strickland, Carolyn Anderson and Kevin Weckbach.I can’t begin to describe how great it is to spend time with teachers so willing to share their knowledge and experience.

I enjoy painting just about anything – landscapes, interiors, buildings and figures, but my greatest love is plein air painting. The weather, the light, and the land all become part of me. Heading out into nature,looking around and being inspired by a beautiful composition and translating that to my canvas right then and there is always exciting to me.

I still love to travel to New England, Florida and the mountains and deserts of the Southwest. You can often find me happily painting on the side of a road, in some grubby alleyway, or off on some trail past the “no trespassing” sign.

All images via CarolJenkinsOils.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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