There’s a lizzie in my chair…

Lizzie in my chair!

Who spends their days trying to save Lizzie’s? I do. Sad but true. I find them fascinating, so does Charlie, but in an entirely different manor. He loves the way they dart around. They’re everywhere, and he will stick his nose deep into dirt to find them.


This one likes my chair 😳, but only when it’s in the sun. Move over Lizzie!

Catch you back here tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “There’s a lizzie in my chair…

    1. Fun to watch, most of the time… the other day I was backing out of the driveway and the came from who knows where (windshield wiper area?) and they were running all over my car. I think I provided a little entertainment as I jumped out and chased them around with a newspaper to get them off… I didn’t want them to fly off and get hurt. They are fast! Hang on Lizzies… going for a ride! Made it to the destination with them all hanging on. I think they liked it, ha ha… none today, hopefully word got out!


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