Featured Artist: Eric Bowman! WORKSHOP ALERT!

Bakery Girls by Eric Bowman 20x24 Oil

Bakery Girls by Eric Bowman  20×24″  Oil

Normally I feature at least one of Eric’s landscapes just because those fabulous trees just get me every time, but I heard that he has a workshop coming up, so I didn’t want to miss the chance to share that info with you just in case you’ll be in the Eugene, OR area in May?

Eric has the uncanny ability to paint the figure with so much feeling. It’s as if you’re right there in the kitchen with these girls. There is movement, they aren’t just posed, they are working… the painting is fabulous and believable, from the folds in the shirts and bandanas, the creases in the pants, the way the fingers are pressed against the mixing bowl, the reality is there. On top of that there is wonderful light and INTEREST! Interest is so important. You may be able to paint a certain scene, but it has to hold interest and Eric’s always do. Every. Single. Time.

Under the Weather by Eric Bowman 20x20 Oil

Under the Weather by Eric Bowman 20×20 Oil

Isn’t this the sweetest painting ever? Perfect title for this painting “Under the Weather”, you can (once again) feel that this sweet girl is feeling under the weather. She is passing time with a good book, fluffy pillow and fabulous blankets. The folds in those blankets are fabulous, I love the dark color underneath peeking through. The shadow and light on her arm and hand are fabulous. Eric doesn’t miss the details, but he also doesn’t paint in every little thing, which is refreshing. This is just plain sweet!

Check out the feature on Eric in the May 2016 Plein Air magazine, great article by Steve Doherty!

Eric Bowman Plein Air

WORKSHOP ALERT! Looking to take a workshop? Well, this is going to be fabulous – two days with Eric – learning the detail of how to bring your painting from good to fabulous! Here are the details…

Figure in Oil

Location: Aragon Alpacas in Eugene, OR
This 2-day workshop will focus on painting the clothed figure. Emphasis will include simplification of subject for greater visual impact, including exaggeration of skin temperatures, convincing fabric folds, leading the eye via lighting, pose and composition, as well as edge work, color mixing and brush handling. You will learn when & which brush type to use, how to idealize anatomy and proportion and build confidence in approaching what is arguably the most difficult of subject matter; the human figure. Students will work from a live model, and instructor demonstrations will be accompanied by casual Q&A with individual attention for trouble­shooting where students need most attention.”

Contact Victoria for info and registration: awake.art11@gmail.com – visit the PPLC website for more info.

Read a bit about Eric, from his website:

Eric Bowman was born in Pasadena and grew up in Orange County, CA (back when it actually had orange groves). Essentially a self-taught artist, Eric had a knack for drawing as far back as he can remember, always the class artist throughout his elementary and high school years. Various art-related jobs such as silk screen T-shirt printer or surfboard airbrush technician led to a lengthy and successful career as a commercial artist, eventually transitioning to fine art painting. As a painter, Eric has garnered many awards in national & regional exhibitions in some of the country’s most prestigious galleries and museums.  His paintings are in collections around the world, including England, Australia, Canada and Mexico.

Eric Bowman is a Signature Member of both the American Impressionist Society and the Laguna Plein Air Painters Association, and an Out-of-State Member of the California Art Club. When not traveling to various plein air shows or visiting his beloved home state of California, Eric resides in northwest Oregon with his wife and daughter, and their dog, Mucha.

All images via EricBowman.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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