From the Photo Archives: Monhegan Trail

Monhegan Trail

From the photo archives, circa 2007 – Monhegan Trail…

The trails on Monhegan are so fabulous, volunteers work hard to keep them nice. So when you get off the island and see a map for sale, buy one, support the local businesses while you’re there. Something this fabulous deserves to be around forever and ever.

Remember to leave no trace – take everything you brought with you. The logistics of trash removal (for residents and businesses) on the island boggle the mind and the pocketbook!

Catch you back here tomorrow – Back to regular posting next week!


2 thoughts on “From the Photo Archives: Monhegan Trail

  1. Penny Marshall

    Gorgeous photo. I ‘D buy a copy of that in a heartbeat. It’s a work of art.

    Re your picture sale project. Our local RiteAid, in downtown Biddeford, carries a 20 foot, one side only, aisle full of inexpensive picture frames. I think you don’t automatically want to frame your pictures as it adds to the expense and mailing cost as well. But maybe offer sizes that fit the standard size inexpensive frames. Or for the cost of the simple thin black or silver frame and of the added postage, for those who wish to hang it at once, you could offer certain sizes only framed. I suspect this would nog be a major source of income but of some, and a service as well. Xop

    Sent from Penny’s Pad


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    1. Penny, you are so sweet! Thank you, thank you, high praise coming from you!
      I agree about the options to frame in standard size frames, there are also companies that will mail you a shipping package, you put in your photo (or art, etc.) and mail it back to them (no cost), they frame it however you like and mail it back to you. Shipping is free both ways. So that is always something someone could do if they wanted to! Ok, now I think I’m getting closer, hee hee… thank you for your words of wisdom! xo, b


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