Featured Artist: Ingrid Christensen!

Peach Bowl by Ingrid Christensen  24×20″  Oil

Ingrid Christensen, a wonderful artist from British Columbia, Canada. She has a wonderful looseness to her work. Beautifully portrayed subjects in wonderful color and light.

I think these peaches are stunning, I can almost smell them! Time to go find a peach cobbler recipe, hee hee.

Links to Ingrid Christensen’s work:

Website  |  Blog 

Read a bit about Ingrid, from her website:

Award winning artist, Ingrid Christensen, was born and raised in Golden, a small town in British Columbia, Canada.  She studied art and English at UBC in Vancouver and received an Education degree from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, and, for a time, taught in the public school system. But art was always Ingrid’s primary passion, and she quit teaching in order to pursue it wholeheartedly.

After studying silversmithing in Thailand, and jewelry making and ceramics in Calgary, Ingrid finally settling on painting when she discovered that it was all that she had been searching for.  She taught herself to paint, first in watercolour, and then in oils, by reading artists’ biographies, art history books, and every how-to book in the library system. 

Ingrid is inspired by the Impressionists because of their fascination with the effect of light on colour.  Her favourite subjects are figures and  landscapes, with a special interest in images of figures in water.  This last subject allows her to explore the complexity of light, both direct and reflected, as well as the bravura brushwork that has become her signature.  Her bold and colourful paintings have won honours and awards in both international and national exhibitions.

Ingrid teaches oil painting at the Calgary School of Art in Calgary, Alberta and workshops in Alberta, British Columbia, and Mexico.  Continue reading HERE

All images via IngridChristensen.visualserver.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

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